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What sewing machine does Yaya Han use?

“You can go wild with your imagination.” Yaya Han appreciates the sophistication of the B 590. It lets her push artistic boundaries and fulfills her creative endeavors.

How long has Yaya Han been cosplaying?

Yaya Han started cosplaying in 1999 after she attended her first anime convention. Sixteen years later, she’s known around the world for her incredible costume creations.

Who is Stella CHUU?

Chuu, 29, is a former graphic designer turned professional cosplayer, a term for people who dress up as their favorite characters from movies, video games and comic books.

Is Yaya Han a man?

Yaya Han is a beautiful woman. Stunningly, inhumanly beautiful. This, of course, means that she attracts a lot of attention from men who don’t give a damn about cosplay. This, in turn, draws the ire of some commenters who attack her as a person.

Why is Yaya Han famous?

Yaya Han is a costume designer, cosplay entertainer and author based in Atlanta, GA. She discovered the unique creative pastime of cosplay at Anime Expo in 1999 as a young fan, with no prior trained skills in sewing or crafting.

Who is Queen of cosplay?

Yaya Han is the queen of cosplay. Cosplayers all over the world look to her for her amazing skills and guidance. She’s even written a book!

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Is Rei dunois a man?

Rei Dunois, aka The Cosplay Queen, has over 65000 followers on twitter and 5400+ followers on Instagram. After keeping the appearance of a female cosplayer for several years, Rei had finally came out as a male shocking his followers.