Who Is Wei Son

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When is Wei Son’s birthday?

Wei Son was born on October 13, 1989.

How old is Wei Son?

Wei Son is 33.

What is Wei Son’s zodiac sign?

Wei Son’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Where is Wei Son from?

Wei Son from China.

Does Wei Son have other names or aliases?

Yes, Wei Son is also known as Wei Sun, Sun Wei.

What color are Wei Son’s eyes?

Wei Son’s eyes are brown.

What color is Wei Son’s hair?

Wei Son’s hair is brown.

How tall is Wei Son?

Wei Son is 5ft 6in (170cm) tall.

What does Wei Son weigh?

Wei Son weighs 94lbs (43kg).

What is Wei Son’s waist size?

Wei Son’s waist is 23in (58cm).

What is Wei Son’s hip size?

Wei Son’s hip is 34in (86cm).

Does Wei Son have tattoos?

Does Wei Son have piercings?

What ethnicity is Wei Son?

Wei Son is Asian.

Does Wei Son have Twitter?

Does Wei Son have Instagram?