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The same thing happened when she came back, and Thomas retired from bodybuilding in 2007. In 2010, she announced that she was considering a return to the sport, but has yet to compete professionally again. If you want to learn more about her life, you can see her in the British documentary,Supersize She. Kim Chizvesky-Nicholls is a professional bodybuilder from Charleston, Illinois who was active from 1992 to 1999. She got into the sport as a personal trainer, but soon met her boyfriend and future husband, Chad Nicholls, who helped her develop her bodybuilding physique.

Debi Laszewski had a tumultuous path to her professional bodybuilding dream, which was almost lost at multiple times in her career. She started training at the age of 20, and by 24 she had won her first amateur competition. In 2000, though, she was disheartened by the judges placing her seventh, and her dedication declined as a result.

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Kristy Hawkins shows that you don’t need to ditch your brains or your pretty face to become a professional bodybuilder, as she has both. Hawkins’ bodybuilding efforts came as a result of wanting to lose weight. She was actually heavyset when she started, and even had eating disorders before she started training seriously.

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Either way, though, there is little doubt that anyone will challenge her throne anytime soon. Addiction counselors are mental health specialists who focus on supporting those with addiction disorders on an ongoing basis. They may also work with family members and loved ones of people who struggle with addiction, as well as in group settings of recovering addicts. Addiction counselors help clients learn to overcome dependence on harmful substances and teach them to modify destructive behaviors.

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Working out began as a way for her to burn calories but it turned into a passion and a profession. She turned pro in 2007 and competed in four professional competitions in her career. Hawkins actually quit bodybuilding and transitioned into professional powerlifting. She is naturally strong, able to lift over 400 pounds, so powerlifting suited her abilities much better.

Giebecht is a true testament to what can occur when a fit person decides to take things to the next level. While she’s likely past her prime in terms of ability to put up weight, Giesbrecht is still competing and hopes to take a championship in her still-young career. British bodybuilder Rene Campbell had one of the fastest and most extreme transformation of anyone on this list.