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In theatrical adaptations, Veruca is a combination of the two English girls from the films, but Veruca and her family can be from anywhere in the world. Her father/mother is in the nut business as in all other versions, but the main focus of the business is now mainly Brazilian nuts rather than peanuts. She is also implied to have siblings, and she threatens her accompanying parent to fire new character Phineas Trout when he calls her “Veronica Salt” during her interview. She is often depicted, from actress to actress, wearing a skirt or dress, but a director can choose more modern clothing if necessary.

She is also shown to express no gratitude at all for what she is given. On May 19, 2015, the band announced the release of their fifth full-length LP,Ghost Notes. The album, released on July 10, 2015, is the first to feature the band’s original lineup since 1997’sEight Arms to Hold You. On May 19, 2015, the band announced the release of their fifth album, Ghost Notes.

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Veruca being the prima ballerina she is, this was probably done to expand on the ballet motif of Veruca’s character. Nicknamed “Verooshka” by her spineless father, Veruca meets a far worse demise in this incarnation. While oversized squirrels dance with Veruca in a ballet sequence, Veruca runs up a conveyor belt and the squirrels deem her a “bad nut,” and literally tear her apart from limb to limb. Although Veruca’s fate is left ambiguous, she yells for Mr. Salt offstage.

However, she evidently failed to learn her lesson as she requests a flying glass elevator of her own to her father, after seeing Wonka, Charlie and Grandpa Joe hovering above them. Though she continued to press, her father gave her an angry glare, to which she finally shut up. Veruca Salt took shape in early 1992, when Chicago residents Louise Post and Nina Gordon began touring the local folk circuit. Both were competent singers and guitarists, and a year’s worth of coffeehouse performances fueled their desire to recruit additional members for a full-fledged band. After adding bassist Steve Lack and drummer Jim Shapiro (Gordon’s brother), Veruca Salt released their debut single, “Seether”/”All Hail Me,” in 1994 on the local independent label Minty Fresh Records.


When she does get the ticket, she is approached by a man named Mr. Slugsworth, who asks that she get him an Everlasting Gobstopper in exchange for whatever she wants. At the factory, Veruca introduces herself to the factory owner, as well as meeting the other ticket winners. Veruca and Violet antagonize each other throughout the tour, shoving each other and insulting one another.

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Veruca Salt performed another single, “Shutterbug”, on Saturday Night Live; instead of the featured musical group performing two songs as had been a tradition, the musical performances were split between Sting and Veruca Salt. This change was announced at the last minute between the dress rehearsal and the live show, at the behest of Sting to producer Lorne Michaels. Veruca meets her end when she enters Wonka’s Golden Egg Room and demands a golden goose from Wonka. When Wonka refuses, Veruca throws a tantrum and trashes the Egg Room before plummeting down the Eggdicator, having been deemed a ‘bad egg’. Wonka reassures the remaining guests that Veruca and her father will be okay, and presumably become more wiser from the experience. In the 2005 film, she and her father are seen leaving the factory covered in garbage, much like the novel.

Who is Varuka Salt Veronica Salt

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However, the group received scathing criticism from magazines and fanzines, claiming that Veruca Salt were nothing but ripoff artists who used Minty Fresh as a way to gain credibility. Nevertheless, the group’s popularity didn’t suffer, and American Thighs went gold, even though their next two singles — “Number One Blind” and “All Hail Me” — didn’t attract half the attention that “Seether” commanded. When Wonka explains that they are not for sale, Veruca becomes angry and tells her father that she wants one.

He assures her father that she “may be stuck in the chute” and all her father has to do is “just reach in and pull her out”. Mr. Salt looks down the pit for any sign of her and, at the same time, feels guilty for doing the one thing that led to this fate, spoiling her. They use it to personally admonish him for spoiling Veruca in the first place, and it clearly makes a mark on him. Beforehand, the Oompa Loompas throw in a portrait of Veruca’s mother as a symbolic homage to her fate in the book.

She sings most of her lyrics in her “Oompa Loompa” song, and on the verse “The mother and the father”, the actors playing Veruca, her parents, and the Oompa Loompas point to the parents in the audience. In the 2013 Sam Mendes London musical, Veruca Salt is a British billionaire’s daughter, dressed in a pink ballerina tutu and baby seal fur coat—”clubbed and tickled pink”. Her father, Sir Robert Salt, is portrayed as a spineless dolt for giving his daughter her wishes.