What is Vanessa from Love Island doing now?

Post-Love Island, Vanessa has become a popular figure on the content subscription service OnlyFans. Stream every episode ever of Love Island UK, Love Island Australia and Love Island USA for free on 9Now.

Who is Matt Zukowski?

Former Love Island Australia contestant Matthew Zukowski has revealed the tragic moment he was told he was infertile. The 26-year-old model shared heartbreaking details during an episode of his recently launched podcast, Where’s Your Head At Pod, alongside fellow Love Island alumni Anna McEvoy.

Is Cynthia from Love Island wearing a wig?

Cynthia said she started wearing hair extensions in high school, and she hasn’t really looked back since. Although she sometimes wears her hair natural, she said people’s fascination with it makes her reconsider. According to Cynthia, wearing weaves and hair extensions gives her an ‘extra boost of confidence’.

Did Aaron and Cynthia break up?

Cynthia took to Instagram just moments ago to share the news she and Aaron had gone their separate ways. It comes shortly after eagle-eyed fans had noticed Cynthia was no longer following Aaron on the social media platform, and had removed all photos of him from her page.

Who is Vannesa Love the Villa

Are Matthew and Vanessa still together?

Despite still having feelings for Matthew, and affirming that doesn’t regret Coupling Up with him, Vanessa currently has no plans to rekindle her connection with the Islander once he leaves the Villa.

Are Blake and Margarita together?

Intruders Margarita and Blake may have left the Villa together, but there’s nothing romantic going on there. While they both attended the finale, Margarita confessed to Now To Love that they’ll simply “remain friends.”

Did Vanessa and Bernard break up?

Vanessa and Bernard made their relationship public in November 2020 and regularly shared mutual snaps on their online profiles, keeping their fans up to date. But the two called it quits in a public break-up in the summer of 2021 after a string of troubling videos and images were posted on social media.

Where are Josh and Amelia now?

“After almost 4 years of being together we decided to go our separate ways.” Josh and Amelia announced their shock split on Monday. Amelia went on to explain that it may come as a shock to some because “I think we portrayed a happy healthy relationship”.