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50 Best Karaoke Songs And Sing

Phil Spector’s studio magic made the song a pop touchstone, but Ronnie’s spunky charm makes it a karaoke classic. Still pining for your ex when friends drag you to karaoke night? Save it for when you’re four drinks in and ready to make the crowd deeply uncomfortable. Don’t worry if you don’t have Adele’s vocal chops—the tears streaming down your face will distract everyone from the high notes you’re mangling. There are about 80 unique words in the lyrics to Pharrell’s feel-good smash, but it feels like about 10.

The thought of having an identical twin has probably crossed the minds of most people at some point in their lives. With this nostalgic song, you might spark a conversation about all the old friends who drifted apart over the years.

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  • If you’re not much of a singer, just play Andrew to your singing partner’s George and deliver a Grammy-winning performance on air tambourine.
  • The song rhymes ‘tramp’ with ‘video vamp’.
  • It’s also highly recommended to have a gaggle of friends on stage all yelling with you into one microphone.
  • For such a ubiquitous hit, the lyrics continually surprise beyond the titular chorus.

The barrier to entry is low for this karaoke song, making it one of your easiest and best options for some sophomoric fun. It’s also highly recommended to have a gaggle of friends on stage all yelling with you into one microphone. But really, in the spirit of the song, there are no rules. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, throw a pie in their face. This sultry, defiant ’60s pop staple is among the crowning jewels of Sinatra’s glittering collaborations with songwriter Lee Hazlewood and works best in performance when its singer is backed up by a troupe of go-go dancers.

Lyric Prank Songs For An Ex

Like the Nostrodamus of butts, Sir Mix-a-Lot foresaw a future in which we’d all be as obsessed with ass as he is. Nicki Minaj sampled him heavily for ‘Anaconda’, J. Lo and Iggy Azalea gifted the world with a track simply titled ‘Booty,’ and Kim Kardashian is a person who exists. No karaoke night is complete without a salute to the song that started it all. Every human should be able to recite at least one couplet from this 1990 global smash, do so without shame. Yes, the song is so stupid in so many ways, but it’s also a stone-cold specimen of pristine pop.

The question is, do you have the pipes—or the chutzpah—to take it on? Aretha’s spine-tinglingly sung point here is that her man makes her feel like a red-blooded, musky, perfect-as-she-is woman, and she wants to bust open her heart to tell you this glorious truth. Think about all the genres and artists that evolved over the years. It wouldn’t be so surprising if everything we need to say, as already been said decades ago. There is a song for every mood, idea, and person.

Drunk In Love By Jay

The slow-moving tune about the corrupting allure of power sports a recurring vocal melody that doesn’t require an professionally-trained voice—or a mullet and a single dangling earring. Who are we to disagree with the power of one of Annie Lennox’s most prominent new wave anthems, written with musical partner Dave Stewart in the wake of the demise of their former band, The Tourists. There’s a decent chance that you already know the repetitive lyrics to this ’80s bop built around a pair of intersecting synthesizer riffs, so hold your head up and sing this karaoke song loud. Sure, now it’s called Peter Pan Syndrome and is largely frowned upon, but for a while this way of being had not only a celebratory moment, but an even more celebratory anthem. The lyrics demand a carefree, no-hold-barred attitude, and Tom’s instantly recognizable guitar riff is sure to make the bar scream like it’s everyone’s 6th grade dance all over again. So throw off your adult responsibilities, sag your cargo pants and belt out this promise that even if you get older, you don’t have to grow up until you’re good and ready.

Wouldnt It Be Nice If We Were All Friends

Written by the Bee Gees, this chart-topping 1983 duet has become a karaoke staple. Even if your singing voice lacks even a trace of country grit, it’s a song you can’t really go wrong with, not least because everyone in the room will be singing along by the time you reach the chorus. Best performed in a cowboy hat with a hint of a line-dancing shuffle. For an R&B song boasting amazing female vocalists (including, you know, Beyoncé), ‘Say My Name’ doesn’t require all that big a singing range. What it does need, however, is some pretty fast talking.

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