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How old is TPB?

The series premiered on Showcase on April 22, 2001, and originally ran for seven seasons before concluding with a one-hour special on December 7, 2008.

Will Carrie-Anne Moss be in the new Matrix?

HOLLYWOOD — "The Matrix Resurrections" marks the fourth film in this popular franchise. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are reunited as Neo and Trinity – roles they first played in 1999 but last played back in 2003.

Is Trinity really rickys daughter?

Jeanna Harrison was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and grew up in the small town of Antigonish. She started acting at only 5 years old on the show Trailer Park Boys in the original black-and-white pilot program as Ricky’s (alleged) daughter Trinity.

Where is TPB filmed?

The first 4 seasons were filmed in different trailer parks in Nova Scotia, Canada. The pilot was filmed in Spryfield, Nova Scotia. The first season was filmed in Sackville, the second in Dartmouth, the third in Lakeside, the fourth in Dartmouth again (in a different park than the second).

Is Ricky Lahey’s son?

However, in Season Eleven, after Ricky discovers the "truth" of his heritage, it is revealed that Lahey is not his father, although Lahey himself firmly believed that he was. After doing research at the hospital, Bubbles and Julian discovered that neither Lahey nor Ray are Ricky’s biological father.

Is Swearnet real?

Swearnet is a real subscription based website run by the guys involved with the film, and it was supposed to be the next big thing for them once Trailer Park Boys ended and after the better and underappreciated Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour never took off.

Will Trailer Park Boys continue?

After two animated seasons, Trailer Park Boys next went live-action. Following the release of Season 14, the show put out a brand-new Christmas special in December 2020. The next month, they followed it up with Trailer Park Boys: Jail, a new season that premiered on January 1, 2021.

Was Mike Clattenburg in Trailer Park Boys?

Mike Clattenburg saw it and thought it was a funny character, and I think he named him Bubbles. Clattenburg and Barrie Dunn (who served as co-producer during the early seasons of the show and played Ricky’s father, Ray) pitched the show to several networks.

Does Julian drink in real life?

In his opinion, he is far from being an alcoholic. Rather, he is more of a professional drinker; and when asked which drink he’d prefer, it’s usually rum and coke which feature top of his list.

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Is the Trailer Park Boys real?

Sunnyvale Trailer Park is a fictional name, but the first few seasons of the show were filmed in an actual trailer park. However, the show decided to build their own trailer park set for filming as the show gained popularity, after residents complained about how disturbing production could be.

Is Trinity the same actress TPB?

Jeanna Harrison who normally plays Trinity was unavailable for this movie due to her commitment to school. She is instead portrayed by Lydia Lawson-Bird. The movie does not fit into any known timeline of the show, and for unexplained reasons Trinity is played by another actress.

Who is Trinity baby daddy?

In Season 8 Episode 3 "The Dirty Dancer", Trinity announces to Julian that she is pregnant. Later on in the Episode, Trinity announces to Ricky that she is dating Jacob Collins and is pregnant with his child.

Does Sunnyvale trailer park exist?

Sunnyvale Trailer Park is a trailer park in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Did J-Roc leave Trailer Park Boys?

Text: TORONTO — Jonathan Torrens says he’s packing up and leaving the trailer park behind. The Charlottetown-born actor announced on Twitter that he will exit the cult comedy series "Trailer Park Boys" after 10 seasons of playing J-Roc, an aspiring white rapper who’s one of the residents at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Why did Trailer Park Boys Go animated?

According to IMDB, multiple actors had auditioned to voice Lahey, but the producers decided to keep his real voice with dubbed over lines and stock footage from other TPB episodes. Some fans believed that the show went animated so that the character of Mr. Lahey would still be around and useable.

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