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As far as the story goes, Stokely created OnlyFans for influencers & audiences to share the idea of pornography, with influencers starting out with $200 to a minimum of $8,000 a month. Tim had been working on several ideas related to the adult industry by creating internet platforms. However, he would decide to start OnlyFans in 2016 with the help of a small loan from his father. Tim had an interest in entrepreneurship from a very young age which was seen since his days in school. During that time, he came up with the simple idea of getting orders from a fish & chips shop and then would sell the food to his friends by taking a margin. As of October 2020,OnlyFanshas more than 1 million content creators and more than 65 million users.

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As a result, he has updated his sexually explicit image and video policies. Today, the platform has over 2 million creators, demonstrating its enormous popularity. However, his business has been chastised by some for having sexually graphic content. Tim’s OnlyFans has amended its regulations on forbidding sexually explicit photographs and video, as the payment partners with whom he now works are starting to have issues with this. As of 2022, Tim Stokely has an estimated net worth of $150 million. OnlyFans charges a monthly subscription to fans for the content of their favorite creators.

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Tim had been developing internet platforms for many ideas linked to the adult industry. However, with the support of a little amount from his father, he decided to launch OnlyFans in 2016. But it was reported in August 2021 that OnlyFans is set to ban raunchy content after pressure from the company’s payment providers and banking partners. Timothy Stokely, 38, is the founder of the booming online adult service platform. Fans pay anywhere from £3.90 to £39 a month for pictures from their favourite creators, while the site takes 20 per cent commission.

Having created a BDSM and fetish site called GlamWorship.com in 2011, Stokely teamed up with his father, Guy, and brother, Thomas, to launch OnlyFans in 2016, according to Forbes. Onlyfans started back in 2016, allowing the content creators to put forward contents meeting the clients’ and audiences’ requirements. Coming to this date, it covers a large variety of content related to gaming, fashion, sports, cooking, and many more as such. However, there can be no doubt about the fact that a lot of sex workers have been using it to produce a lot of sexually-explicit content. Amusingly, Stokely has claimed that OnlyFans wasn’t marketed to a specific industry.

  • He might also be focused on building himself more substantial as an entrepreneur; thus could be single.
  • A distinctive gaming room with a purple-baize pool table and a fully equipped bar is lit by fluorescent modern art sculptures.
  • The OnlyFan platform takes a cut of 20% from the creators as a fee charge.

Besides him, it is worth mentioning that Stokely’s older brother Thomas Stokely was involved as well, with the result that said individual became the chief operating officer. He noticed a demand for customisable content from fans, which led to him creating Customs4U.com – where users could pay to ask porn stars for content. The platform has paid its creators more than £956million, meaning Mr Stokely has seen the firm bring in more than £1.2bn in revenue. Fans pay anywhere from £3.90 to £39 a month for pictures from their favourite creators – with OnlyFans taking a 20 per cent piece of the pie.

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Tim may need to pivot his plan for OnlyFans but that might be challenging considering a big majority of the platform’s success has been because of the sexually explicit images and videos that the creator posts. Tim Stokely is a British tech entrepreneur who is best known for being the founder and current CEO of the platform called OnlyFans which has become a billion-dollar company. Stokely has been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures but it was OnlyFans which has been his most successful venture after originally launching in 2016. As of 2022, Tim Stokely net worth is estimated to be around $150 million. In a gated mansion with a cinema and sauna in the historic Hertfordshire town of Bishop’s Stortford lives the tech entrepreneur Timothy Stokely. Dark-haired and stubbled, the 37-year-old founder of OnlyFans is the brains behind a booming gig economy in personalised porn.

However, OnlyFans has reportedly struggled to recruit investors because of the sexual content on the platform, and Stokely said the firm faced pressure from banking insitutions to cut off ties with sex workers. In August, OnlyFans announced it would ban sexually explicit content only to backtrack less than a week later after facing backlash from users. However, a huge portion of its revenues come from said sources, which made its recent decision to ban sexually-explicit content look very strange.

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The company’s success boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic when people stayed home and turned to alternative sources of income. In the 12-month span ending in November 2020, OnlyFans reaped revenues of $400 million. The revenues were 540 percent up from the year before and the post-tax profits rose from $6.6 million to $60 million, Forbes reported. Tim has not declared whether he is dating or single, so it is unclear whether he is in a relationship. In spite of this, Tim seems to live a luxurious life as seen on his social media platforms. According to reports, he lives in a $3.4 million mansion in Hertfordshire.

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Founder and CEO of a billion-dollar technology company called OnlyFans, Tim Stokely is a British tech entrepreneur. Stokely has launched several businesses, but OnlyFans has proven to be his most successful one since it was launched in 2016. The estimated net worth of Tim Stokely is $163 million as of 2021. Jayda Wayda is a well-known American entrepreneur, YouTuber, model, social media star, Internet sensation, and media face.

His father had mentioned that this would be the last loan that he’d give to Tim and so he made full use of it by making sure he didn’t make the same mistakes as in his earlier ventures. Tim had already got an idea of what would work best through his previous ventures which led to him building some unique features in OnlyFans such as a referral system for the fans. Over time, this internet platform started to catch on among people.There are already more than 2 million creators on the platform today which shows its huge popularity. However, his venture has been criticized by some for being known for its sexually explicit content. The payment partners that he currently works with are starting to have problems with this and as a result, Tim’s OnlyFans has updated its policies on banning sexually explicit images and video.