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Tiana‘s Bedtime Spanking

As you know, at Strictmoor, a spanking in the day always means… Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory have already had one spanking battle. But now that Sarah is looking for a place to stay for a while, another spanking battle is in store.

Mommy is scared when she hears scream, but when she sees it was just a little bump and Alice is ok, she makes sure she gets screams out of her for making her worry. Alice is spanked over her cute pajamas, then on her tight panties, and finally on the bare bottom with the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Poor Sarah finds herself bent over the desk receiving a hand spanking.

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This is one of the hardest spankings Sarah has taken and it shows. She struggles and promises to be a good girl until Momma finally believes her. In scene 2 if Year Three, Ann Wellbourne is to deal with the issue of her daughter, Sarah. Sarah has been misbehaving while away at college and so now mother is upset. Sarah is scolded and then taken over mommy’s lap for a bare bottom spanking before being led for an early bedtime. Sarah Gregory has been tasked with teaching the new girl Sage Pillar the ins and outs of the call girl agency.

Sarah and Elle are there not just for detention, but a double punishment, in front of the other. Each naughty girl is taken one at a time, over their teacher’s firm lap for a panties-down, bare bottom, hand spanking. Lola’s punishment is a hand spanking given over her tight crisp white panties before they are quickly pulled down as Miss Gregory really reddens the flight attendant’s bare bottom. The painful lesson is concluded with a hard no nonsense caning leaving visible welts across Lola’s aching backside. Kate is surprised when she is told that spankings in this squad are done over the bare bottom, she is embarrassed but had heard of this method and really wants to be in this squad! So her tight sports panties are pulled down revealing a pair of beautiful bouncing cheeks which glow as the hand spankings get harder.

Apollonius was banished centuries ago to a time zone by the gods for opposing them. In Gerald Messadié’s The Man Who Became God, Apollonius appeared as a wandering philosopher and magician of about the same age as Jesus. Comparisons between Apollonius and Jesus became commonplace in the 17th and 18th centuries in the context of polemic about Christianity.

One of the essential sources Philostratus claimed to know are the “memoirs” (or “diary”) of Damis, an acolyte and companion of Apollonius. Some scholars claim that the notebooks of Damis were an invention of Philostratus, while others think it could have been a real book forged by someone else and naively used by Philostratus. He had allegedly been accused of conspiring against the emperor, performing human sacrifice, and predicting a plague by means of magic. Philostratus implies that upon his death, Apollonius of Tyana underwent heavenly assumption. Sarah and mommy Elizabeth are at a local dungeon play night and Sarah just thinks they are going to have their usual “fun.” So when mommy tells her that she is due for some punishment it takes her by surprise. Violet and Veronica have done it again, the constant misbehavior at school.

Avram Davidson’s science fiction novel Masters of the Maze has Apollonius of Tyana as one of a select group of humans who had penetrated to the center of a mysterious “Maze” traversing all of space and time. There he dwells in eternal repose, in company with the Biblical Enoch, the Chinese King Wen and Lao Tze, the 19th-century Briton Bathurst, and various other sages of the past and future, some of them Martians. In Philostratus’s description of Apollonius’s life and deeds, there are a number of similarities with the life and especially the claimed miracles of Jesus.

2018 AVN New Starlet Jill Kassidy is spanked by Sarah Gregory. It’s erotic, it’s beautiful and we get you close up and personal. Jill seems shocked and shares that she has never been spanked. It’s an absolute joy to see Jill’s world-class naked backside jump and squirm as Sarah spanks it. Sarah and Blake have a bit of time together today, and they know just how they want to use it. Sarah tells them just how much of a naughty slut they are as she slides in a large buttplug, and keeps them filled and plugged as she continues to spank, tease and expose them.

Lazy Sarah’s Red Bottom

Sarah was so embarrassed by her friend last night at the bar. Kate was getting way too drunk and giving all the guys her number, not to…

Who is Tiana Gregory this problem in the bud

She takes disciplining her rude daughter into her own hands and gives this brat the long over due spanking she deserves. This is her parent’s last resort for their bratty little girl. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful. Sarah learns some very important lessons, which also include getting a spanking when she is disrespectful, sassy, and childish.

Who is Tiana Gregory that really teaches them

Britney’s cheeks and legs are spread for more intimate spankings which get both ladies all hot and bothered. Amelia hesitantly bends over for Joelle but doesn’t want to be spanked and complains as smirking Joelle spanks her over her school skirt, then her tight regulation knickers and finally on her bared bottom. Sarah is fed up with her stepmother and refuses to clean up her room when she told. Not only is Sarah rude and sassy but she is being a complete bitch.

Then, she is given the wooden hairbrush on her bare bottom before daddy takes his belt to her. She is a very sad an sorry little girl who will behave from now on. Mommy is so angry that she waits until the next morning to deal with Sarah’s behavior. Well mommy is pissed and she plans to punish her daughter with a hand spanking, strapping, and the dreaded wooden bath brush. They are humiliated but each go over their bosses knee for a hard spanking over their tight pencil skirts, over their sexy panties and of course on the bare bottom.

This time Sarah spanks Koko in her dropseat PJs before Koko gets her revenge. Sarah gets revenge on her girlfriend for giving her a hard undeserved spanking the night before. Galas already has a sore spanked bottom from other spankings she had gotten.

Her punishment was complete when she was close to tears, feeling very sorry for herself. In this video Sarah plays a young innocent girl who has only read about and seen videos of spankings. Sarah quite enjoys the sensations of her first spanking, strapping, and flogging, though it does sting and make her squeal. Sarah is taking her good old time at the pool trying to get a nice tan. Sarah continues to have attitude with mom until she earns herself a spanking from mom over her skimpy bikini and then on the bare bottom. Mom is happy to see Miss Fonda administer a good solid spanking to her slutty daughter Sarah Gregory.

Angelica squirms and struggles as the spanking starts over her pajamas so mommy pulls them down and spanks her bare bottom to make sure she feels it. She also spanks this brat with the hairbrush which really grabbed her attention, before sending her back to bed with a sore, red bottom. In this custom spanking and wedgie film, Sarah plays Audrey’s mother. Mommy takes the naughty girls jeans down and pulls her over the lap for a spanking on her bare bottom. For more humiliation, Audrey’s thong is pulled up to give her a mean wedgie that will teach her more of a lesson.

This time it is not just a hard hand spanking, but the hairbrush is also introduced to Sarah’s sore bottom. Sarah is then spanked long and hard with the dreaded hairbrush until she is a truly very sorry and sore young lady ready to help with the household chores. After a good scolding, Angelica is taken across the maternal lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. She is spanked over her dress, then on her cotton bloomers before they come down for a painful spanking on her bare, exposed bottom.

Sarah suggests Andy take a spanking for the sake of their friendship, She knows she did wrong, so she reluctantly agrees but she doesn’t know how far Sarah will go with this punishment. Sarah humiliates Andy by spanking her on the bare bottom, over her lap. In a shoot with photographer Chelsea, she adopts a diva attitude, making it extremely difficult for Chelsea to get a descent photo. When she pitches a real fit, Chelsea borrows her hairbrush and goes right to work on the naughty model’s bottom.

Sister Bernadette Punishes Sarah

The end of a long and successful series where our Starlet, Sarah Gregory, spanks Jill Kassidy, Britney Light, and Kate Kenzi. In this episode Sarah herself faces a long punishment, spanking, paddling and the strap and Juliette Marsh takes spanking, the strap and lots of Penalty Swats. Miss Gregory decides to correct Violet October’s bratty attitude with an over the knee spanking. Miss Gregory gets Violet to admit that she is completely ignoring the healthy eating recommendations she has been given at the clinic. John is not very happy when he catches his girlfriend, Sarah, attempting to sneak out to go and work at ‘Hooters.’ He is very disappointed in her. The worst of it was that she was trying to be sneaky about it instead of honest.

She brought real tears to Sarah as she cried during this spanking. Tiana kicks and struggles as Sarah spanks this insatiable girl. Sarah finally uses a wooden hairbrush that really grabs her attention, especially when she is leg locked and unable to squirm or wriggle out of the final part of this punishment. And she knows the only way that Luna learns is with a good spanking. In no time at all, she pulls the naughty girl right over her lap, right there in the garden for all to hear. Sarah is spanked over her tight leggings, her panties, and on her bare, quivering bottom by Mommy’s stinging hand.

Please welcome Sunny Days in her amazing debut with us here at AAA. As we often do, the best way to introduce a newcomer to the site is by our Popular ‘Positions’ series… It’s a no-nonsense way of seeing a lady spanked in a variety of our favorite spanking positions.

Amy’s sassy attitude soon disappears when the reality of this discipline takes place with her bent over the table, bottom vulnerable and exposed. The caning punishment is calculated and methodical, designed to elicit the maximum emotional response to the painful consequences of receiving 24 strokes. In this custom spanking film, Veronica plays the naughty girl who needs a spanking intervention from her mother, father, grandmother, and the disciplinarian they bring in, Snow Mercy. This is not the first time Veronica has misbehaved and it is getting out of hand. My beautiful BabyGirl Sarah Gregory bought these skintight jeans and it just HAD to be done!


Namely, Amber Dawn, possessing one of the most spankable booties to ever have graced our website. Even Amber felt a little embarrassed and exposed, not something she was used to. Miss Sarah is set with the task to teach this naughty young wife a lesson. She bends sexy Rachel over the bench to expose her perfectly round bottom, perfectly framed in black garters and stockings.

This brat really needs to learn her lesson so stepmom takes the hairbrush found next to the bed and uses this stinging implement on Daizy’s aching, sore swollen behind. She hasn’t been spanked by her girlfriend in 2 years, but it has been long enough. Sarah is taken right over the knee for a bare bottom hand spanking before being bent over for the stinging leather strap followed by a very painful caning.

So John gets angry, giving Sarah a sound spanking to teach her a lesson. He even uses her neon green hairbrush on her lovely and famous bottom. This film was made in June of 2011 and was the last of Sarah Gregory’s tour to the UK at that time. We saved the last and best film until the end of her day’s shoot with us as she had been promised a lesson in what it was like to take various caning implements across her bare bottom. Her pristine regulation navy knickers are pulled down revealing the white gusset as her bottom is turned a shameful burning red, first with his hard hands then with the school punishment paddle.

Little brat Sarah is spanked over her onesie but this isn’t getting through to her so the snaps are undone, allowing Mommy to spank her bare bouncing bottom. Next, Sarah gets the hard hairbrush applied to her sore bottom which brings her to tears. Pretty Kate is spanked by both Juliette and Sarah bare bottom, in the diaper position and then Penalty Swats. Long time members Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory square off in the kitchen as they each get a chance to spank each other with hand and a painful spatula. John Osborne is expecting to see call girl Clare Fonda, but Sarah Gregory tries to hijack his session.

Finally, she has an employer whom she believes can be provoked into giving her just that. Sarah Gregory manages a rock band and some of the ladies are starting to show up late to shows or missing them altogether. She and her boss, Miss Bernadette, are called on the carpet by the big boss, Loren, about this behavior. But there’s a cost, and it must be paid by Sarah’s bare backside – which is how she winds up kicking and wriggling in pain over Mrs. Cheever’s lap. In television, Apollonius of Tyana was portrayed by Mel Ferrer in The Fantastic Journey episode entitled “Funhouse”.

So, in short order, she is spanked soundly, paddled with a mean leather paddle, then bent over for a paddling with a wooden paddle. She has excuse after excuse but mom and dad are not buying it. After Sarah continues to lie about where she was and why she was out do late she is given a much deserved punishment. First, mommy give her naughty girl a spanking, then is it daddy’s turn. Scene 3 of this long play film is split into two parts – In this second part they are each given a bedtime over the knee hairbrush spanking from Miss Welbourne.

Well, step-mommy Eris Martinet will have none of that and takes her naughty stepdaughter her her lap for a good dose of old fashioned discipline. In this fun age play scene, Sarah is acting like a bratty little girl who doesn’t want to go to bed. Sarah is spanked over her drop-seat pajamas and then on the bare bottom until she apologizes and promises to be a good girl for Mommy and do as she is told. Audrey and Sarah are marched up to her bedroom and each taken over the knee one at a time for a hard spanking. After, Sarah asked to go home and says she is not feeling well.

Each swat is designed to create maximum impact and pain as Sarah processes each one to teach her a lesson. See Sarah Gregory as never before in this one time, specially commissioned film exclusive to our website. Alex is being fussy and has put pretty little panties on instead of her diaper.

Lazy Lily Slut Shamed And Spanked By Sarah

John is a modern, progressive kind of guy – and he’s running a modern, progressive kind of farm. When his business is in trouble, his friend Sarah Gregory agrees to help him out – but a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking from Pandora Blake wasn’t exactly part of the deal… A spanking in the wheelbarrow position has the added effect of Lola not knowing when the smacks will hit, as well as the more intimate parts of Lola’s bottom being spanked, grabbed, and caressed! It is another ‘Must See’ for connoisseurs of this fantastic spanking position.

Twenty-four thwacks with the cane are administered to the platinum blonde, leaving her ivory bottom scored with pink lines. Beautiful Britney Light spreads her cheeks wide open for Sarah Gregory to spank right on her cute pink butt hole. A painful, embarrassing and very humiliating experience for poor Britney. Sneaky cheerleader Amy Fox has been disappearing from after school practice far too many times recently. Miss Gregory tells Amy that her little leaving feet are going to be punished as well as the usual hard caning across her bare bottom and thighs that she would give her.

Finally Miss Gregory begs to be allowed to leave and Mr Osborne gives his permission. Violet enthusiastically hugs him, telling him this was the best session of her life. When her landlord John Osborne overhears her talking about buying expensive shoes, he decides she needs help with discipline. He gives her a sound spanking and gives her a strict deadline as to when she must pay her rent by or receive another spanking.

  • Daddy has given Sarah full permission to punish this naughty girl as she sees fit.
  • Sarah suggests Andy take a spanking for the sake of their friendship, She knows she did wrong, so she reluctantly agrees but she doesn’t know how far Sarah will go with this punishment.
  • Mommy is scared when she hears scream, but when she sees it was just a little bump and Alice is ok, she makes sure she gets screams out of her for making her worry.
  • So John gets angry, giving Sarah a sound spanking to teach her a lesson.
  • In Philostratus’s description of Apollonius’s life and deeds, there are a number of similarities with the life and especially the claimed miracles of Jesus.

Little does Sarah know that now she is to have her temperature taken in a very humiliating way, in her bottom. When cute Kiki Cali flirts with Senior Sister Sarah Gregory, she gets more then she bargains for. She was expecting a little cuddling and kissing but instead finds herself over the knee of the strong Sorority Sister Sarah, getting a long a painful spanking with hand and a stingy pink hairbrush. Sarah Gregory slept through at least one session and Madam Clare Fonda wants to nip this problem in the bud. She wakes Sarah up with a sound spanking over her knee on the bed, using her hand and a hairbrush.

She has been a very naughty girl not wearing panties and dad gets a call… Sarah has taken her daughter, Alice, on vacation to a nice hotel. Alice runs the halls, plays with luggage carts, and is an all around trouble maker. Naughty little Alice gets a spanking from mommy on her pajamas, panties, and bare bottom before she takes the hair brush to her.

Caning Demonstration

Only in 1995 were the passages in the Sanskrit texts proven to be interpolations by a late 19th-century forger. Philostratus devoted two and a half of the eight books of his Life of Apollonius (1.19–3.58) to the description of a journey of his hero to India. According to Philostratus’ Life, en route to the Far East, Apollonius reached Hierapolis Bambyce in Syria , where he met Damis, a native of that city who became his lifelong companion. Pythagoras, whom the Neo-Pythagoreans regarded as an exemplary sage, was believed to have traveled to India. Hence such a feat made Apollonius look like a good Pythagorean who spared no pains in his efforts to discover the sources of oriental piety and wisdom.

Her pert bottom turns a dark shade of red then Sarah uses a paddle. Another great video from Spanked & Diapered, the unique producer of high-quality videos and pictures focused on the intersection of spanking and ABDL. Enjoy a diverse mix of popular ABDL models and performers trying adult diapers for the first time.


Philostratus has him meet Phraotes, the Indo-Parthian king of Taxila, a city located in northern Ancient India in what is now northern Pakistan, around 46 AD. And the description that Philostratus provides of Taxila comports with modern archaeological excavations at the ancient site. Audrey tells her dad it that was Harley’s idea to steal his credit card but she was too scared to admit the truth and she tries to save her own ass. Both girls get a spanking but after this “revelation” Harley also gets a… While Miss Gregory receives her plugged, hard strapping, she cries real, visible tears that shoot from her eyes.

Spanking Sage Pillar

Sarah and Pandora make time to spend what precious moments they have left together before Sarah must fly back to America. Enjoy this gorgeously explicit, completely filthy scene with a very happy ending that Pandora won’t forget in a hurry. Philostratus’ Life and the anthology assembled by Joannes Stobaeus contain purported letters of Apollonius. There is also an independently transmitted collection of letters preserved in medieval manuscripts. Some of the letters may have been forgeries or literary exercises assembled in collections which were already circulated in the 2nd century AD.

Miss Gregory gives Rachel a choice, she can leave without a job or she can take a spanking. Sarah takes this naughty employee over her lap for a hard hand spanking over her tight skirt, panties, and then on the bare bottom. Mommy makes her daughter fetch the hairbrush to give to her mother, being told to ask her for a hairbrush spanking. Now Sarah finally learns her lesson as her cheeks turn red with the painful punishment. Sarah is spanked over her regulation knickers, and then on the bare bottom. Later that evening, she is changed into a white camisole, white panties, and white socks for another spanking.

Eventually she thinks its over – but it’s not, it’s just a change of spanker, as Officer Page takes over further reddening her bottom. Sarah protested but decided to take the spanking, and agreed this would be between them so no-one would ever find out what had happened. Sarah is given an embarrassing OTK hand spanking over her panties and then her bare exposed bottom as Luna delighted in punishing her cheating friend. Andy Moon is about to learn, with the help of Miss Gregory’s wooden paddle, that there are consequences in her cheer squad for poor behavior!

See Galas scream in pain as her already sore, marked, spanked bottom is spanked again. Student Sarah Gregory is being frisky and naughty, so Sister Bernadette bursts into her room to teach her a lesson. She spanks her, paddles her, strips her naked, has Sarah bend over and then straps her. Her lycra shorts come down and her bare bottom is spanked further, all whilst Sarah strokes and caresses her bottom. Sensing Britney’s real excitement, her pussy is given attention as well.

Daddy has given Sarah full permission to punish this naughty girl as she sees fit. Stevie is taken OTK and give a spanking over her tight shorts and then on the bare bottom before ending with a hard hairbrush spanking. She is spanked over the knee by mommy, then daddy with their hands.

Lily and Sarah are busy having sex on Sarah’s bed when mommy comes home. She is appalled that what she thought was her innocent daughter having sex. She takes each naughty girl over her lap for a hand spanking before administering the family strap nice and hard to their sore red bare bottoms. Each girl is taken over her knee for a hard bare bottom hand spanking followed by a mean, nasty hairbrush punishment that really teaches them both about behaving more appropriately! Mom leaves both girls rubbing their sore red bottoms to think about their very naughty behavior. Stepmother takes a forlorn-looking Daizy over her lap for a hard, hand spanking across her bared bottom.

Another great video from Spanked & Diapered for the ABDL community. She decided to stay out way past her 10pm curfew and didn’t come home until the early morning. Sarah is told to go fetch the Mason & Pearson hairbrush and she becomes very compliant. It doesn’t matter, man or woman, Sarah is not allowed to have sex with anyone while she is living in Mom’s house.

Sarah Spanks Pandora

After, the hand, both use the Mason & Pearson hairbrush on Sarah which stings terribly and has her squirming and kicking in pain. She bends her over the bench to expose her perfectly round bottom, perfectly framed in black garters and stockings. Nurse knows just what kind of game Sarah is playing and is prepared to deal with her the way a naughty girl should be dealt with. Sarah learns the hard way why faking sick to get out of her chores is not a wise choice. For sure Sarah won’t be faking sick to get out of doing her chores anymore. Sarah Gregory spanks Leila Hazlett in front of a mirror, so the poor hapless girl can watch every embarrassing move as her panties are pulled down.


Andy is told she will be spanked and then given 10 hard swats of the wooden paddle. Their bottoms are bared and tanned where the sun wouldn’t normally reach, as their men use their hands to smack and spank those pale, perky cheeks a shameful red very quickly. The girls bottoms are now looking suitably punished and very sore. It’s Sarah’s turn for a dose of the hand and hairbrush on her naughty little bottom until she is crying real tears.

Mommy Spanks Angelica

In this epic film, we flash back to the 1950s when discipline in the family home was very common. Times were different back then for sure and you will see some examples of this here. Sarah is sent to stay with her strict Aunt Dana since breaking multiple rules. Officer Kennedy explains to Sarah why she’s in the position she’s in and how she can save herself a great deal of pain and suffering by telling him who gave her the gun that was used to shoot a sheriff. Zoe does as she is told but continues to protest as Sarah continues to spank her friend’s bottom.

Add some implements to grab Sarah’s attention, such as a leather paddle and hairbrush, then there is the slow deliberate plugging. When it is inserted, her bottom can feel the cold metal as she has no choice but to hold it as she is spanked further. Her coach is absolutely livid and embarrassed that the entire squad has been asked not to return to this hotel because of what she did! She is taken over coach’s lap for a harsh and humiliating punishment that soon turns into a bare bottom spanking. Take this latest first time wheelbarrow spanking for someone who we have admired for a very long time.

Interview Attitude Adjustment

97 AD), was a Greek Neopythagorean philosopher from the town of Tyana in the Roman province of Cappadocia in Anatolia. He is the subject of Life of Apollonius of Tyana, written by Philostratus over a century after his death. In scene 4, all four ladies were caught being very rude at a university lecture that they were attending so the next day after church the lecturers were invited to the academy to watch punishment carried out. Ava attempted to sneak out of the Asylum for the Sexually Depraved, by giving a guard a blow job. Unfortunately, she was caught by Nurse Bernadette and brought to the Warden for further discipline. It is the last straw when the credit card bill shot up and she has put 30K on it for clothing.

Sarah Gregory manages a rock band and some of the ladies are starting to show up late to shows. Miss Bernadette demonstrates to Sarah how she wants them punished and the girls are first spanked OTK…over dresses, then panties and then on the bare bottom. In this final scene of the latest Strictmoor Summer Saga, each of the ladies gets a hard caning followed by a swift, over the knee, hairbrush spanking. During their punishment they are made to look at themselves in the mirror… Mama Clare has had enough back talk, enough attitude, and enough of Sarah doing whatever Sarah wants to do.

First it is over Sarah’s knee for a hard hand spanking over her jeans, panties, and then bare bottom. Then, she is made to strip for the more humiliating part of the punishment. Mommy has had it with her disobedient daughter and grabs her, pulls her out of the tub, drags her to the bedroom, and throws her over here lap for a spanking. Rosie cries in pain as mommy spanks her wet bare bottom with hand and hairbrush. After a bit of scolding Sarah is soundly spanked over her tight pajamas and then on her panties and finally on the bare bottoms. Just when she thinks her spanking is over, mommy takes the brush to her which only makes her kick and squirm more.

It has been asserted that Philostratus himself forged a considerable part of the letters he inserted into his work; others were older forgeries available to him. Several writings and many letters have been ascribed to Apollonius, but some of them are lost; others have only been preserved in parts or fragments of disputed authenticity. Porphyry and Iamblichus refer to a biography of Pythagoras by Apollonius, which has not survived; it is also mentioned in the Suda. Apollonius wrote a treatise, On sacrifices, of which only a short, probably authentic fragment has come down to us. A wandering philosopher, probably representing Apollonius of Tyana, who lived a part of his life in Crete and died there. Found in Gortyn , now in Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Crete.

Sarah learns a lesson the hard way about being lazy and not doing her chores. Kate Kenzi plays a potential intern for our Starlet, Sarah Gregory. But during the interview she has to submit to a good spanking as that is the method of discipline used with Sarah. Pretty Kate is spanked by both Juliette and Sarah on her skirt, panties, bare bottom and in the diaper position.

Angelica is back and following on from her top-rated film of our popular ‘spanking positions’ series, we decided to make another. This sequel to our previous ‘Positions’ film of Angelica is sure to be just as popular and fans of Angelica will not be disappointed. Nurse Gregory first has Angelica strip before giving her a spanking and strapping for her rude attitude. Then, since Angelica can’t seem to stop touching herself, she will be made to wear diapers to prevent masturbation and slutty behavior.

How much of this can be accepted as historical truth depends largely on the extent to which modern scholars trust Philostratus, and in particular on whether they believe in the reality of Damis. For that purpose, so these same scholars believe, she commissioned Philostratus to write the biography, in which Apollonius is exalted as a fearless sage with supernatural powers, even greater than Pythagoras. This view of Julia Domna’s role in the making of the Apollonius legend gets some support from the fact that her son Caracalla worshipped him, and her grandnephew emperor Severus Alexander may have done so as well.

Sarah’s hand spanks Rachel’s bared bubble butt with a thorough smacking that grabs her attention. After arguing and running way once too often, Christina grabs the annoying brat Sarah Gregory… She spanks her hard and mean with her hand, then the hairbrush which has Sarah yelping before the silly baby off to bed. Who could resist seeing Nuna Starks and Sarah Gregory dressed in sexy cheer uniforms having some fun between filming making this video for us all to enjoy? Sarah places sexy Nuna in a few positions with different implements.

Mommy won’t put up with this brattiness from her sweet little girl. Sarah Gregory recently received a spanking and it was all because Amy Fox told all about her plan. So now Sarah exacts her revenge by putting Amy over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand, and a hairbrush.

Who is Tiana Gregory Angelica squirms and struggles

She was drinking to the point of blacking out at spanking parties. Since I care about her and we are friends, I gave her areal punishment. She gets spanked with my hand, leather paddle, straps, canes, and paddles.

Her punishment only ends with 10 hard swats with the carpet beater. They stumble in wearing very slutty clothing, if you can call it that. Mom is not having the attitude or sass from these two little sluts. It is right over her lap for a hand and hair brush spanking before she takes the mean leather strap to each of their bare bottoms. After an argument where she swears at her Mommy, Sarah Gregory is taken over the knee and given a hard spanking. Then, when the dress is pulled up, there is shock when there are no panties on this naughty girl.