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To prove he was being honest, Nick dared her to upload a titillating photo of herself which she did. This in turn, resulted in a new career for herself, a fulfilling one at that. “He always seemed to take his anger out on the most innocent person in the room,” said 17-year-old Crystal Foutz, who attended school with Ramos and worked with him at the fast-food chain Whataburger. “He would get angry at people thinking he wasn’t OK. He was just always super odd.”


This started a chain of events where the animal’s image started popping up around the school, particularly the athletics team who adopted the animal’s name as well. If you’re someone who loves the heat of the sun, then one of the best things about Texas is its hot weather. Texas’ climate is described as arid in the west and humid in the east. The state is known for being one of the hottest in the country with its capital, Houston, being the hottest in August at 94.5 °F (34.7 °C).

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Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. For FREE, you can access The Handbook’s directory of contact for 21 days. Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox. Courtney’s website is not for sexual services; instead just for $10 per month, anyone can see her private Snapchats, which are at the same risqué level of her public Instagram, she told us in 2017.

Foutz, the former classmate, said Ramos had become increasingly withdrawn in recent months, having “slowly fallen off” from attending school, and got into angry disputes with her ex-boyfriend and a couple at Whataburger. Earlier this month, Ramos tagged a photo of two long guns to an Instagram user with more than 10,000 followers and asked her to share the picture. Click on I’m not a robot to verify you are human, then we will show leaks for Texasthighs.

She said her family turned up to her house when she was alone at home and she had to call the police because she didn’t feel safe. “It escalated – I love my parents but I really didn’t feel like they were going to stop or calm down,” she added. Her relationship with her family is not in the best place but she has no regrets. In six months since she first started her new career, Courtney made enough money to quit her cleaning job.

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But her life changed forever when she posted a photograph of herself, a risque one at that, on social media on a dare she received from her husband. She is now a full-fledged model and goes by the username @texasthighs on Instagram. She has garnered an audience of over a million users with photos of her bodacious self. I loved becoming a wife and a mom but had a feeling of losing my own identity once it all happened.

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I AM EXCITED TO SHARE MY WELLNESS JOURNEY including the crazy adventure of starting a fun IG page. I want to INSPIRe people TO FEEL THEIR BEST AND SHOW THEIR SEXY SIDE! I started posting booty and front pics without my face and used Instagram posts to help inspire us. “No matter what I said they had their minds made up – but so had I and this was not something I was going to give up,” Courtney said.

I knew I wanted my womanly body back and wanted to reclaim my own sense of self not only for myself but to also keep being the sexy wife with my hubby and to set an example of self confidence and health for my daughters! So I set out to lose weight but being a busy wife and mom and business owner, I had to find creative ways to include it in my daily life. I am a total Biology and Anatomy nerd which made researching that side easy but I mostly used trial and many many errors to find my ways 🙂 So after hubby watched my fitness journey …