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There are a growing number of accountant-lawyers who have studied and are certified to practice in both fields. These practitioners will likely be highly specialized in a particular area of tax law and, while they may charge higher rates, may be invaluable in addressing your unique legal issues. Choose a Tax Preparer – Get tips for finding a tax preparer with the credentials and experience to handle your tax needs. Learn how to file a complaint if your preparer has acted improperly. Interactive Tax Assistant – Use this tool to find answers to your general tax questions.

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You’ll need to authorise an accountant or tax adviser to deal with HMRC for you. You can give permission to a friend or family member (a ‘trusted helper’) to deal with HMRC on your behalf for things like viewing your Income Tax estimate, talking to HMRC or helping you to fill in forms. You can use the IRS website listing to determine the hours and policies of your preferred center. The best way to get in touch with IRS personnel by mail is to contact the director for your local IRS district or your local Taxpayer Assistance Center. Jeremy Vohwinkle specializes in retirement planning and has experience as a financial advisor.

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It also covers the consequences of filing an EITC claim in error; one side is in English and the other Spanish. However, it’s just as important to know what questions to ask when you meet with a tax professional. You can find out more about U.S. tax law and procedures to help guide your questions by reviewing the additional resources below. This is especially true if you find yourself in the position of receiving and responding to tax claims or audits against you, your family, or your business. The training of accountants in financial planning, and tax regulations and codes may give them an edge in financial strategy.

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1.6 million older people are going without the care they need, and 2 million carers are older themselves. Here’s how, with your support, Age UK is working to be here for them. Your savings are over £16,000, but this money was from a compensation payment or a Prisoner of War payment or you are on Pension Credit Guarantee. Your preparer should review your return with you before you sign. Remember you are responsible for what’s on your return so make sure you understand what’s on your return and that it is complete and correct before you sign. Below are some things to keep in mind as you decide who to contact for tax questions.

It includes free versions of popular online software, volunteer tax preparation and online counseling, legal clinics, and IRS phone lines as well as offices. The IRS is a big supporter of internet technology, and it urges taxpayers to check its website before trying other options because you might well find your answers there. The IRS maintains a network of local offices known as Taxpayer Assistance Centers , where you can go to ask questions and get service. You can visit the IRS website to search for a Taxpayer Assistance Center office near you. One of the best ways to get the information you need is directly from the IRS website at IRS.gov.

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As for that tax refund you’re expecting, there’s a special tool available to track its status, too. Just go to “Where’s My Refund?” and click on “Check My Refund Status.” It’s important to check you’re paying the right amount of Income Tax.