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We CANNOT and WILL NOT discuss germination/yields/THC levels of seeds, as it is illegal to germinate seeds and sell them for germination purposes in the United Kingdom. The origins of the Kush cannabis family are rooted in the Hindu-Kush Mountains that meander through the borders of modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thousands of years, possibly tens of thousands of years ago man was growing Kush here. When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Sweet Kush strain is best described as Sweet, Citrus, and Lemon.

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Hindu Kush is a compact, tough and sturdy plant that is very easy to cultivate and requires minimal nutrients. Made for SOG grows indoors and outdoor covert balcony grows. 7 weeks of bloom is all that’s required to bring her to harvest. Organic soil cropping is highly recommended to unlock the classic earthy, hash and sandalwood aromas. This smoke is old school chill out stash, very relaxing but not too overwhelming.

Believed to be a blend of choice cuts of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush hybridised in the US West Coast. Kush couchlock, an inspirational creative high makes for a pleasant surprise. Classic Mountain Kush in appearance with over sized fat fingered dark green leaves and thick stems. Indoor yields can be as high as 500g/m² and outdoors 80g+ is about the average in a hot dry climate. Heavy doses of fertiliser can be applied and topping plants is recommended for max yield. Cataract Kush is a favourite amongst US growers and one of the dankest Kush hybrids on the market.

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Sweet Kush can leave you with feelings of being Hungry. Sweet Kush is approved by countless people who suffer from Depression. Mellowed my body but my mind was racing with creativity.

Breeders gifted the medical world with a strain worthy of its family name. The sedative-like effects of a kush make it perfect for the treatment of ailments such as chronic pain, insomnia, muscle tension, joint pain, and headaches. The overall numbing eases off cramps and tightness, letting the user get that sweet taste of relief. Additionally, because it is also a mild stimulant, this strain is good for digestive issues, nausea, and poor circulation. Enjoy this before bed for a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Sweet Kush is a perfectly blended hybrid from the USA’s West Coast that any kush lover will tell you is worth the trek to the Golden State. Rather than a sweet citrus fruity flavour the Lemon Kush is more sour and a bitter lemon. In 8-10 weeks of bloom, this sativa leaning Kush can become stretchy without pruning and/or training. Moreover, this Kush is thirsty for nutrients and performs exceptionally in hydroponics. But make no mistake this is gourmet head stash with 20%+ THC. The powerful THC levels of this beauty fall around 18% on average and leave you feeling a mighty buzz after just a short acquaintance.

Many of them brought these landrace seeds back with them, where they formed the origin seeds of the Kush strains we know today. The Vanilla Kush grows like a dark green branchy dwarf. Plants normally peak in height below 1m even outdoors in full sun. Of all the top-shelf Kush hybrids the Vanilla Kush is one of the tastiest and most versatile.

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This info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition. Later that same day, a mastered version of “Kush” was released along with the creation of a new website. The song was featured in episode fourteen of season eleven of CSI. Kush strains tend to be high in THC, while the CBD shouldn’t be that high unless the particular chemovar was crossed with one that’s high in CBD.

The same goes for CBD levels, though this isn’t known as an especially helpful strain for patients who need that chemical. Citrusy and sweet, Sweet Kush tastes just like a lemon drop confection. Joining the best of both cannabis sorts, this hybrid gives both head and body effects. After the primary taste, users commonly encounter a cerebral sensation. A couple of minutes after the fact, body effects start to overwhelm, unwinding muscles and facilitating pain.

By the end of the 9 week bloom cycle King’s Kush will have gradually transformed from green to almost black in leaf colouration. 20%THC, sweet and sour flavours and a long lasting happy mellow high will make you a loyal cropper of the King’s Kush. Selecting a mother plant from Master Kush couldn’t be easier as she is very stable and expresses little variation even when grown from seed. Most Master Kush will stay short and stocky and race to harvest in 8-9 weeks. 20%+ THC levels from neon green gooey buds that hit you like a one-two punch combo of uplifting sativa followed by narcotic indica effects have made OG Kush a living legend. Critically acclaimed and beloved by ordinary decent stoners everywhere this Kush is a cut above the rest.

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Hindu Kush also has high levels of the same three terpenes. Both strains have high levels of Beta-Myrcene, the most common terpene found in cannabis, and one that is known for producing a relaxing effect. The tranquil high brought on by Kush strains make them great for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. These are strains that are perfect for unwinding at the end of the day, and are known for producing the “couch-lock” sensation countless cannabis fans seek out when they just want to take a load off and chill.

We’ve succinctly filled you in on the What, Where and When. This strain is extremely popular in states such as Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, and for good reason. This brightly flavored beauty is an easy sell to anyone with a laid-back attitude that enjoys true West Coast charm.

Sweet Kush has a reputation as a very potent strain, but exact THC percentages are hard to come by. The same goes for CBD levels, though this isn’t known as an especially helpful strain for patients who need that chemical. The specific ratio of sativa to indica is also unclear, but the effects fall mostly on the indica side. The immediate effect is cerebral, but that quickly fades into a lazy, sedated body buzz with deep relaxation and pain relief. The high can induce creativity and delivers a healthy dose of euphoria.

Novice users are advised to take this bud slowly as it has a tendency to overwhelm newer smokers. True Kush strains are indica or indica dominant, and they grow shorter and bushier, with large leaves that often have a purple tint to them. Kush strains tend to have dense, resin-coated buds, and often have a slight purple shade.

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It was created by crossing the two strains together to create a hybrid that would have the best of both parents. The result is a strain that has an earthy, pine flavor with hints of lemon and berries. Vanilla Kush is the delicious progeny of heirloom Kashmiri and Afghani strains. This amazing mountain Kush hybrid was selectively bred to check every box on the heavy duty indica wish list. But what sets this Kush apart from the rest is her unique vanilla smell and taste.

After the first taste, consumers typically experience a cerebral sensation. A few minutes later, body effects begin to dominate, relaxing muscles and easing pain. Sweet Kush consumers may feel lazy and sedated, making this a good after work or nighttime strain. Novice cannabis consumers should exercise caution with this strain until they know how strongly it will affect them. Sweet Kush is the strong daughter of Sweet Tooth and OG Kush.

Kush strains are known for providing a relaxing, sedative experience, akin to wrapping yourself in a blanket and hovering over a hot cup of tea in a mountaintop Hindu Kush village. The high can be very euphoric and happy, but not especially energetic or cerebral like with Haze strains. Befitting its high country origins, the aroma of Kush weed can be very earthy and pine-scented. Other aromas of Kush weed can be floral, hashy, or sweet and spicy. Because of its aromas and smooth, earthy flavors, smoking Kush can be a highly-sensory experience.

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Hindu Kush is the original mysterious marijuana from the Hindu Kush Mountains. Entire seed banks have been founded on these ancient landrace genetics. Lemon Kush is a sour delight to smoke with a surprisingly uplifting sativa kick. Differentiated by a distinctly different lemon sativa phenotype.

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Delivering a mellow physical effect rather than a heavy couchlock. One strain sits on the Kush throne and in our opinion, the queen of all Kush varieties is the OG Kush. Reputedly a mix of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush the OG Kush is undoubtedly connoisseur cannabis. Is hotly debated with too many tall tales to know for sure which individuals are owed the credit for bringing ancient Kush genetics to the West.

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