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Join Outsports at our storytelling event during New York City Pride, June 24 Join Outsports at NYC Pride on June 24 for a storytelling event, as we highlight inspiring and powerful voices. It’s one of the reasons football has elevated to the most popular sport in America. For years, part of the assumption with all of this grabby-grabby horseplay has been that all the dudes in the locker room are straight. If they’re all straight, then it’s just “boys being boys,” horsing around.

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Now, although I’m straight I keep everything clean shaved down there, asshole included. My girlfriend will on occasion lick it during oral, very rarely but it does happen, so I like to keep everything super clean just in case she has the spontaneous desire to do so. Moonlight streaming through the window of his room further accentuated his strong frame, casting shadows on his dark skin, creating this black with a hue of blue colour.

This morning was like every other, the blur of meeting our roommate was a distant memory by this point as I threw the duvet half off my body. The early morning in Rio was hot and with the sun beaming onto my ass and leg, I soon drifted back off to sleep. Not knowing what to do and feeling a bit embarrassed I gave him a polite nod and asked if I could turn off the light.