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The song was given to American rapper Eminem and Barbadian singer Rihanna. Their version became a worldwide hit, reaching number one on 26 charts and being nominated for four Grammy Awards. Grey received a Song of the Year Grammy nomination for “Love the Way You Lie”. Grey wrote the hook to all three versions of “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna, and even recorded a solo version that was later featured on her fourth EP, The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey .

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They ask that they do not tell Walter Jr. about their history in the meth business since he is already carrying the burden of knowing that his father’s cancer is back. Hank and Marie argue and refuse to cooperate, at which point Walt and Skyler leave Hank and Marie a copy of Walt’s confession video, which implicates Hank as the culprit. Skyler is later seen in her office when Walt shows up to tell her that the plan worked and that everything’s fine (“Confessions”). Hank has discovered that Walter is Heisenberg and he seeks Skyler’s testimony as evidence against his brother-in-law. When they meet, Hank’s demeanor is initially comforting and respectful, but soon changes to demanding and hasty as Skyler begins to see that Hank’s true intention seems to be apprehending Walt rather than the welfare of the extended family. After repeatedly and loudly asking if she is under arrest, causing a scene, to which Hank does not directly answer, Skyler angrily leaves the premises.

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Skyler Austen Gordy , better known by his stage name Sky Blu , is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, DJ and dancer best known as one half of the musical duo LMFAO, with the hit song “Party Rock Anthem”. He formed the duo with his paternal half-uncle, Redfoo, and released two albums together, 2009’s Party Rock and 2011’s Sorry for Party Rocking. Other relatives include singer-songwriters Rockwell and Rhonda Ross Kendrick, who are his uncle and aunt via his grandfather Berry Gordy, respectively. In an interview with Uproxx published on January 26, 2018, Grey revealed that she was working on her fourth album and is planning on including her own version of “Walk on Water”, which she had written for Eminem and Beyoncé, on the album. Later that year, Grey co-wrote and performed the single “Everything I Need”, for James Wan’s superhero blockbuster film Aquaman. As a child, Grey performed professionally in a folk duo with her mother, Candace Kreitlow, called Generations.

Still frustrated, she seeks solace in other ways, first by sneaking a few cigarettes while she was pregnant and later by encouraging Ted’s romantic overtures (“Over”). However, the attempts immediately halt when she learns about the fraudulent practices Ted is engaging in to protect his company (“Mandala”). When the White family visit the Schraders, Skyler finally confronts Marie over the tiara. Initially resistant, Marie finally breaks down and apologizes when Skyler says, “I need my sister back.” Later on, Walt confronts Skyler about the cigarette packet she had flushed down the toilet. She confesses that she had smoked three and a half cigarettes before disposing of them due to shame (“Breakage”). Upgrade your account to always see hidden content or reply in thread to view hidden content.

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” exclaims Skyler, citing her pregnancy, a husband with lung cancer, a moody son, an overdrawn checking account, and a defective water heater as problems more pressing than those of her “spoiled, kleptomaniac, bitch sister” (“Seven Thirty-Seven”). She is very active on her social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc where she uploads her beautiful images and videos. Skylar Mae is an Instagram star and TikTok star famous for her Instagram account where she uploads her beautiful images and videos and has more than 2.2 million followers over there. Other than that, she is also active on TikTok with more than 77.4K followers . In this article, we will tell you about Skylar Mae Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height, Age & More. Previous collaborator Kaskade released his debut Christmas album Kaskade Christmas on November 24 and featured Grey singing a cover of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” retitled “O Come Emmanuel”.

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She becomes terrified of Walt following the murder of Gus Fring and Walt’s voluntary re-entry into the Meth business. But her resolve to protect the family remained intact, and she seemed to be at greater ease following Walt’s retirement (“Gliding Over All”). Once Hank finally caught on to Walt’s former activities, she remained loyal to Walt for the sake of protecting their children. After Hank’s death and Walt leaving town, she is forced to defend herself from federal prosecutors accusing her as an accomplice to Walt’s crimes. When Walt returns to say help her and say his final goodbye, she is noticeably thinner and appears to be a shell of the person she once was.