Who was Ms Puiyi?

Siew Pui Yi, nicknamed Ms Puiyi, a Malaysian celebrity, posted an arguable picture on her personal Facebook. On the evening of April 4, she took a boat to the middle of Hoai River, Hoi An Town, wearing offensive clothing. vietnamcloseup.blogspot.com/2022/04/ms-pui… The split-sided tunic is always worn with trousers.

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How much does MS Puiyi earn?

Siew Pui Yi Net Worth

As of now, in 2021 Siew’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1.5m, which she earned by modeling, commercials, and brand endorsements.

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What happened to Siew Pui Yi Instagram account?

Malaysian influencer Siew Pui Yi sparked outrage over photos of herself wearing the Vietnamese national dress without pants. Social media users accused the 23-year-old of being “disrespectful” towards Vietnamese culture. Siew, who has 17.5 million Instagram followers, deleted the photos and issued an apology online.

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Who is Siew Puiyi million Instagram followers