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Find out which videos with brand mentions gathered the most views and what content performed best, in terms of CPM. When you need to examine your own channel, you can go to the analytics section in YouTube Studio. But in terms of influencer marketing activities, HypeAuditor is your indispensable companion. Get YouTube video statistics and check the performance of any YouTuber or channel. “This is my picture when I’m at work in a porn movie,” Taliani says in the post. “I work as a porn actor in Italy.

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When searching for creators for your marketing campaign, you need to understand how their videos perform and who their viewers are. This information will help you pick the best vloggers for your brand so you can develop an effective strategy and outperform your competitors. To collect these insights, you need reliable YouTube analytics tools. In HypeAuditor, you’ll find all vital data for quality assessment. Thanks to the cutting-age technology, we can provide you with global analytics to help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your influencer marketing campaigns.

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You can check which businesses were mentioned on this channel and which videos include mentions of a particular brand. Better yet, you can get information about their CPM. Quickly get a transparent analysis of whether the content of a given influencer is safe to be used with your brand. Our Brand Safety analysis is a tool consisting of nine key flags to help you discover influencers suitable for sponsoring a company’s content and ensure that your product will not appear alongside inappropriate content. The tool analyzes profiles that may contain alcohol content, toxic content, religious material, negative attitudes, offensive content, political matters, crime-related content, adult content, or pranks.

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Discover some general, yet useful information about specific influencers on YouTube. Get to know where an influencer lives, what type of content they produce, and the contact details to reach out to them. For a particular influencer, you can also view global and category rankings, which are based on their audience. Country rank is our own proprietary metric, which is based on the number of real followers and authentic engagement from that country. In this section, you’ll find an estimated integration price range for a particular influencer and their cost per 1,000 views . Please note that the final price may differ because it depends on multiple factors like difficulty of content creation, time needed to make a video, and the size of the audience.

Log intoyour HypeAuditor, or sign in, if you don’t have your account yet. Then navigate to the Influencer Analytics section, where you can see stats and data on any YouTube creator’s performance. After the verification, the data of your channel will be updated daily. Why do you feel weird when I develop myself as a porn star?

Video advertising continues to grow, which makes vloggers a good asset to your marketing mix. But selecting the right creators may be challenging, especially without the right tools in place. In HypeAuditor, you can analyze influencers in detail and find a perfect partner for your business. Collaborating with an established creator can give your marketing campaign a huge boost. Check YouTube analytics for other channels with the HypeAuditor report. We provide you with a first-class tool powered by machine-learning algorithms to help you make sure you can find the right fit for your needs.

Collect powerful insights about audience demographics and channel performance, analyze creator’s content and audience attitude to tailor your message. YouTube is one of the most powerful tools in the influencer marketing space. You probably heard that the platform is the second largest search engine after Google. But if you want to use it effectively and make better decisions to reach your business goals, you need to collect, analyze and interpret YouTube account stats. In addition to performance and progress on YouTube, HypeAuditor provides you with a tracker of brand mentions.

Get access to premium statistics on Monthly Performance, Audience Demographics and Location Data. The 28-year-old, his dark hair parted to the side of a chiselled jawline, even offers conservative views about illegal immigrants while reflecting on his previous career goal of fighting terrorists in Kuwait. His admission has brought him a great deal of attention in his native Egypt, where pornography is taboo and has even been the subject of attempted bans.

Every actor starts small and then develops himself, and I work in pornography to develop myself. God is great and I trust that he will make me succeed. An Egyptian man has revealed his true identity – as a porn actor. Cannot access the page due to the inconsistency between your system time and real time of your region. Please correct the system time setting and reload the page.

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Limited access, please update the level of Noxinfluencer membership plan. Analysis completed, the channel doesn’t have promotion data. Taliani, who is half Italian and who moved to Italy to perform in porn, says he was attracted to a career in sex work after he was ditched by an old girlfriend. He even used a Facebook post to address her directly, claiming that despite her rejection he’s now desired by women all over the world.