Where is Shelby from Love Island Australia?

Shelby Bilby was a latecomer on Love Island Australia and was briefly coupled up with Dom Thomas. Now she’s dating motocross rider Harry Bink.

What happened with Harry Bink and Shelby Bilby?

She split from her boyfriend Harry Bink two weeks ago, and promptly updated all of her Instagram captions dating back years to label him her ‘s**t ex’. And former Love Island star Shelby ‘Bilby’ Mills revealed on Thursday that her break-up with the freestyle motocross rider was getting even messier.

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What does Shelby Bilby do?

Shelby shot to fame in 2018 after appearing on the first season of Love Island Australia. She has since found success as a content creator on OnlyFans, a subscription-based adult website.

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Are Cassidy and Erin still friends?

Nonetheless, Erin remains Cassidy’s closest confidant.

Are Cassidy and Josh still together?

Heartbroken Josh: ‘It shouldn’t have been like this’. Cassidy prides herself on staying loyal when she likes someone… but in an ironic twist, she found herself in the same situation as Grant, the guy who broke her heart in week one.

What is Mac from Love Island doing now?

Mac has been in a relationship with The Bachelor star Apollo Jackson – a DJ and magician – for two years. The couple confirmed they’re dating in January 2019 and don’t hesitate to flaunt their love for one another on social media.

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Why did Eden and Erin split up?

Following their split, Erin released a YouTube video detailing some serious details behind why they broke up. This includes her saying she felt “scared to be alone with him” and infidelity where she shows text messages. Eden retaliated with a further statement denying all the claims, including cheating.

Where are Josh and Amelia now?

“After almost 4 years of being together we decided to go our separate ways.” Josh and Amelia announced their shock split on Monday. Amelia went on to explain that it may come as a shock to some because “I think we portrayed a happy healthy relationship”.

Are Teddy and Mac still together?

After almost four years of being together we decided to go our separate ways,” Amelia shared on Instagram. “I don’t know if this comes as a shock because I think we portrayed a happy healthy relationship. And it was that for most of the part, but there was also a lot of challenging moments we didn’t share.

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How long did Tayla and Dom date?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be and Tayla and Dom confirmed their split in June 2019, after just under a year together. Sharing a joint YouTube video to explain their break-up, Tayla explained they had decided to go their separate ways.