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Having left formal education, Morrissey proceeded through a series of jobs, as a clerk for the civil service and then the Inland Revenue, as a salesperson in a record store, and as a hospital porter, before abandoning employment and claiming unemployment benefits. He used much of the money from these jobs to purchase tickets for gigs, attending performances by Talking Heads, the Ramones, and Blondie. He regularly attended concerts, having a particular interest in the alternative and post-punk music scene. Having met the guitarist Billy Duffy in November 1977, Morrissey agreed to become the vocalist for Duffy’s punk band the Nosebleeds. Morrissey co-wrote a number of songs with the band—”Peppermint Heaven”, “I Get Nervous” and “I Think I’m Ready for the Electric Chair”—and performed with them in support slots for Jilted John and then Magazine. He took an interest in feminist literature, and particularly liked the Irish author Oscar Wilde, whom he came to idolise.

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By 1981, he had become a close friend of Linder Sterling, the frontwoman of punk-jazz ensemble Ludus; her lyrics and style of singing both influenced him. At the time, Morrissey’s best male friend was James Maker; he would visit Maker in London or they would meet in Manchester, where they visited the city’s gay bars and gay clubs, in one case having to escape from a gang of gay bashers. Steven Patrick Morrissey was born on 22 May 1959 at Park Hospital in Davyhulme, Lancashire.

The audience for Lucy was split evenly between men and women, with 65 percent being over age 25. LanguageEnglishBudget$39 millionBox office$463.4 millionLucy is a 2014 English-language French science fiction action film written and directed by Luc Besson for his company EuropaCorp, and produced by his wife, Virginie Besson-Silla. It stars Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik, and Amr Waked. Johansson portrays the titular character, a woman who gains psychokinetic abilities when a nootropic, psychedelic drug is absorbed into her bloodstream. Similarly, the critic Steven Wells called Morrissey “the man who more or less invented indie” and an artist “who more than anybody else personifies” indie culture. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic writes that the Smiths and Morrissey “inspired every band of note” in the Britpop era, including Suede, Blur, Oasis, and Pulp.

The film, which co-stars Jessica Brown Findlay, premiered at the closing gala of the Edinburgh Film Festival on 2 July 2017 and went into wide release in the UK and US in August 2017. In November 2008, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Morrissey as 92nd of “The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time”. The list was compiled from ballots cast by a panel of 179 “music experts”, such as Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys and Bono, who were asked to name their 20 favourite vocalists. David Bret has characterised him as an artist who divides opinion among those who love him and those who loathe him, with little space for compromise between the two. However, Nick Cave wrote an open letter defending Morrissey’s right to freedom of speech to voice his beliefs, as well as arguing that his musical legacy should be kept separate from his political opinions.

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; born 22 May 1959), known professionally as Morrissey, is an English singer, songwriter, and author. He came to prominence as the frontman of rock band the Smiths, who were active from 1982 to 1987. Morrissey’s music is characterised by his baritone voice and distinctive lyrics with recurring themes of emotional isolation, sexual longing, self-deprecating and dark humour, and anti-establishment stances. Thewire.com’s David Sims stated that Johansson’s success with Lucy at the box office would be “no mean feat given that it’s a European R-rated action movie opening against a PG-13 epic with a more proven action star” in Dwayne Johnson .