Who is Sarah Snyder

Who Is Sarah Snyder?

Instead, they continued to show their affection for each other publicly, until their break-up in 2017. Prior to this, Sarah had dated model Ian Connor from 2014 to 2015. Sarah once made headlines after being photographed with Leonardo DiCaprio. Her verified page @sarahfuckingsnyder has a massive following of over 1.7 million followers. Her photos appear to be effortless proving that modelling is indeed inscribed in her genetic formulation. In 2017, Vogue Magazine recorded that she was one of the top Instagram pages to follow.

Who is Sarah Snyder Her intellectual capacity and dynamic

Her intellectual capacity and dynamic business approach have given her a voice in the corporate world. Besides her illustrious career, many have been wishing to know more about her personal life. Sarah Snyder’s life has not been all glam, especially when she was accused of theft and attracted hate from some people. However, she maintains her innocence in the matter and lives her life the best way she knows. The beauty has about 2 million followers on her Instagram page. Here are some interesting facts about Sarah that you should remember.

Facts Of Sarah Snyder

Sarah’s main passion was styling and working with garments at beginning. She had never considered modeling as a career option before moving to New York, but she jumped at every opportunity that came her way. Despite the fact that she is still in her early twenties, she has already earned a reputation for herself in the fashion and acting industries, with a net worth of over $400,000, according to credible sources. When Sarah was only 13 years old, she got her first role in the horror movie entitled “Skeleton Key 2” .

Who is Sarah Snyder young fashion diva

Moreover, Sarah also appeared in Scarlet Rain, a horror film in 2010 opposite Matt Walker with stars- Jonathan Shea and Alex Pepper. She is as popular as Chantel Jeffries, ex-girlfriend of Justine Bieber. Many people have also suspected Snyder to be involved in substance use. They have claimed that she must have been a bad influence on Jaden especially because she is three years his senior. Rumours of her drug use emanated from a picture on social media of her showing some unidentified tablets on the tip of her tongue. There was also another picture that showed her snorting a powder that was rolled up in a note.

Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder have reportedly called it quits, but that’s not even the big news. She did a photoshoot with Urban Abstract Photography in 2014. The two broke up after “growing apart” amid cheating rumors.

Age And Net Worth

As a social media influencer, she has posted pictures of her with other successful models such as Sofia Richie and Duckie Thot. No one can dispute that Sarah Snyder is a hardworking model who has worked with high-end brands internationally. Her exact salary from acting and modelling partnerships has been kept under wraps. It is, however, evident that she lives a flashy and lavish life from her social media photos. Even so, her net worth has not been established yet. Sarah became even more popular during her two-year affair with Will Smith’s son, Jaden.

Who is Sarah Snyder Sarah is known

Sarah Snyder has legal issues and has also spent her days in jail. Can you guys believe Snyder was arrested from the New York Store in 2015 for stealing $16,000 worth of Hermes Birkin Handbag? Snyder made a bail of $7,500 after being charged guilty. Sarah is known for her unusual and quirky sense of style.

She is a young fashion diva as and wears branded and gorgeous outfits. She is also a sensation in social networking sites as got more than million followers on Instagram. Sarah Snyder looks a lot younger than her age, which explains why there were so many reports about her age when she was in a relationship with Jaden Smith.

Before Jaden and Snyder became a couple, she had previously dated a fellow model, Ian Connor. Their relationship started in 2014 and ended in 2015. After breaking up with Jaden, Snyder was pictured having dinner with the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. As mentioned above she was a fashion enthusiast from the very beginning of her career. She started modeling when she was in high school and since then there was no stopping for her. Initially, she worked as a model for different local brands and fashion brands as well.