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It takes a special brand of type-A teenager to completely destroy a teacher’s life during a high school election. Though she is the brilliant creation of writer-director Amy Heckerling, Cher comes from a long line of cinematic HBICs, and many more would follow in her stead. These women are some of the best characters to ever grace the silver screen — but cross them at your own peril. Despite the subjective nature of this particular acronym, there are a few guidelines you should consider following if you plan on making HBIC a part of your online/text vocabulary. “I’m the hbic of a group project that’s due Friday but tbh I’d rather just spend all week eating cheetos.” To make things perfectly clear without having to be openly vulgar about it, that B-word rhymes with “switch” and “stitch.” Basically, you can fill in those asterisks with -itch and you’ll get the picture.


What other high school student successfully got her teachers to change her grades every single marking period? Who else could arrange for the inept Mr. Hall and well-meaning Miss Geist to fall in love through a series of well-placed sonnets and a few Thermoses of gourmet coffee? Who coordinated the Pismo Beach Disaster Relief drive and made it a massive success?

It’s an acronym we use with fondness and admiration for a “head bitch in charge.” These are the women who were leaning in before Sheryl Sandberg even filled out her first Harvard application. They innately know how to be the leader of the pack and the trendsetter everyone else wants to copy. They demand recognition when it’s not given, and if things aren’t going their way, they do something about it. Inside Instagram application profile picture is very small and doesn’t display all details. You want to show your admiration for someone else in a playful, casual sense.Many people describe their idols, role models, and other inspirational people as the HBIC because, in their minds, they truly are great. HBIC was a nickname Pollard gave to herself, which she frequently used throughout the show to intimidate the other women in the competition.

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Search by @username orkeyword i.e. ghost hunters, funny, fitness, food, art. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. I wanted to give you guy an opportunity to see the Naughty and Freaky side of ME!! I want you guts to know me on a more personal and intimate level. This content was removed in response to a copyright claim by a third party.

The most important thing to remember is that the use and interpretation of HBIC is based on personal perspective. An individual who appears to deserve the HBIC status to one person may not appear to deserve it in the eyes of another. It was popularized by reality TV personality Tiffany Pollard, best known from the competitive dating show Flavor of Love and spinoff I Love New York.

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