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Samantha Dey

It is because of Toyman’s actions that cause Winn to be wanted for terrorism in the future. Toyman was freed from a prison transport by Brainiac 5 on Lex Luthor’s behalf. In his plot, he planned to dispose of Andrea Rojas that involved robotic white tigers.

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I appreciate the decision to begin therapy can evoke anxious feelings. This is completely natural and I will provide you with the space, time and support that you need to engage with your own story, in your own time and at your own pace. I offer an approach that draws on a variety of perspectives and theories depending on your needs and sensibilities. But regardless of the chosen theoretical framework, I believe the success of therapy is primarily dependent on a secure therapeutic relationship – developed through acceptance, trust and safety.

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He later surrendered to Nyxly who absorbed him into a globe to help find the Totems. Following Lex and Nyxly’s defeat, Winn mentioned to Kara and J’onn that Mxy will owe Alex and Kelly a wish. Barry Allen / Flash is a crime scene investigator from Central City on Earth-1 who becomes a superhero speedster after being hit by dark-matter infused lightning. In season two, Barry and his fellow heroes from his Earth recruit Kara to their universe to help fight against the Dominators, an armada of alien invaders who attack their world due to their fear of superpowered beings. The DEO eventually establishes an alliance with Earth-1’s S.T.A.R. Labs after an encounter with the Music Meister.

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He reunited with Kara and kept her safe from the Phantom Zone Phantoms as they work to find a way out of the Phantom Zone. When hitching a ride on a Phantom with Kara, Zor-El is kidnapped by Scar and his men where they plan to feed him to the creature in Shadow Lake. When the Super Friends use a sun bomb to help save Supergirl, she flies Zor-El to the Tower as it leaves the Phantom Zone. When on Earth, he starts to develop his Kryptonian abilities and poses as Kara’s uncle Archie from Midway City. Zor-El takes note of the garbage in the ocean and compares it with how Krypton’s oceans were destroyed before Krypton’s destruction. He modifies a Kelex from the Fortress of Solitude to help clean up the oceans by turning the garbage into energy that it can absorb.

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She works with Colonel Jim Harper on the investigation into J’onn J’onzz. In season six, William is recuperating with his right arm in a sling at the time when Andrea mentions that she bought her share of CatCo from her father. Near the end of the season, Andrea breaks into Lex’s mansion, steals his personal journals and publishes a revealing article on them under William’s name in order to increase CatCo’s viewership.

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In season six, one Kelex at the Fortress of Solitude was modified by Zor-El to convert all the trash in the ocean into energy to absorb. Something goes wrong causing it to merge with the garbage and turn into a giant junk monster. After Brainiac 5 removed the Kelex, Supergirl disposed of the body by throwing it into the sun. In season six, Eliza helps out in the fight against the fight against Lex Luthor and Nyxlygsptlnz where she shot three owl manifestations that targeted Dreamer.

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Rhea fights Kara in a one-on-one duel for the fate of Earth, but refuses to halt the invasion despite losing, and is killed when Kara activates a weapon that laces Earth’s atmosphere with lead dust. Prior to her death, Mon-El reveals to his mother that he knows that she killed his father all along due to his awareness of her immorality. In season six, M’gann assisted in destroying the satellites used in Lex’s broadcast and then assisted in the fight against Lex Luthor. When he was defeated, she and J’onn took Lex Luthor to the authorities. Then M’gann went to go look for someone who can help locate the area of the Phantom Zone where Supergirl was sent to.

After gaining a degree in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths University she has also become a social media specialist, always keeping informed on the latest trends. With almost five years of experience in media, her expertise is analysing platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. When she’s not tracking the latest trending content, she’s watching films and eating lots of chocolate.