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Another TLC Star Is Behind Bars On Multiple Charges

Anthony Vanelli, the troubled ex of Unexpected mom Rilah Ferrer, is back behind bars in Florida where he is facing multiple charges — including a third degree felony. He continues to discuss that a major issue for him is how he has “no communication with Chloe or anyone in her family in particular,” leaving Schenzel ultimately worried for the well-being of his daughter around Mendoza’s new boyfriend. “Unexpected” is known for its binge-worthy drama in front of the camera, but did you know what’s happened behind the camera? Between public breakups, arrests, and issues with the television program, many cast members have faced some serious struggles with producers of the TLC series.

Now, a past cast member is coming back to haunt the franchise with Anthony getting arrested again. According to Starcasm, was arrested on February 16th when he tampered with his ankle monitor. When Anthony finally appeared, he claimed he was going to step out for a second and that was when he fled. Anthony has been charged with a third-degree felony count of tampering with an electronic monitoring device. He is also charged with misdemeanor counts of resisting an officer without violence and trespassing on school grounds. At the time that the monitoring device was tampered with, it indicated that Anthony was at his residence, where he lives with his grandmother.

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The most recent arrest and the April assault arrest are just part of a long string of legal issues for the former reality star dad. In October of 2019, Anthony was arrested for domestic violence after an altercation with Rilah Ferrer. The mother-daughter duo continued to discuss the big moment, and how Scheller’s mom didn’t even know her daughter was dating anybody at the time that she got pregnant. “I had no idea you even had an interest in a single person let alone was having sex … there hasn’t even been a guy over here,” she said. McKayla Adkins, one of the original moms on the series, was the only teen who was able to break through that $1,000 limit per episode.

As of now, he is still behind bars and he is scheduled to attend court on July 8th. His lawyer has asked for a competency examination to check his mental status. Aside from this, Anthony is still facing some previous charges so it is not currently looking that great for him.

As each teen begins the journey of motherhood, tensions rise as each couple learns how to raise their child and navigate parenthood. If you loved MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” growing up, then this show is an absolute must-watch. The show originally aired in and after four successful seasons, was renewed for a fifth.

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Those charges were later dropped as the prosecutor decided not to move forward with the case. Since their time on “Unexpected,” many cast members have welcomed more babies into their growing families. Although some of these couples are no longer together and have each gone on to new relationships, their kiddies are still as cute as ever and are now big brothers and sisters! After welcoming her first baby boy, Timothy, at 16 years old with her ex-boyfriend Calean Morrison she later introduced a baby girl into the family.

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Anthony was booked yet again in November of 2021 and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after an altercation with a man at Anthony’s grandmother’s home. Anthony is still facing a felony aggravated assault charge after he allegedly pulled a knife on a woman and told her he didn’t like the guy she was with in April of 2021. Anthony has filed a motion to dismiss that charge arguing that he was acting in self defense.

As seen on the show, teen parenthood is not all rainbows and butterflies. Whether it is dealing with financial tension, difficulty maintaining relationships and schoolwork, or learning how to raise a baby on their own, these teen moms have been through it all. The TLC network jumped in on the cash cow that is teenage pregnancy with the hit reality series Unexpectedthree seasons ago. We are headed into season four of the show very soon, afterseason three left us with some cliffhangers, and while some cast members are sure to return, many are not.

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However, her time on the program was cut short when she and her family made the decision to not be part of Season 4. Chloe Mendoza, another original teen mom on the show, also revealed in a YouTube video that she would no longer be returning to the series. Many cast members have stated that working on this show has left them feeling extremely uncomfortable with what was asked of them. The TLC reality show “Unexpected” takes us into the lives of three pregnant teenagers as they prepare to have their first baby. We watch as they take on many struggles that come with raising a child at a young age, such as deciding where to live with the baby, graduating high school, relationship issues with the baby’s father, and debating marriage.

In November 2021, Vanelli was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after an alleged altercation with a man at his grandmother’s home, but that charge also was dropped. Unexpected star Anthony Vanelli is behind bars facing multiple charges, including a third-degree felony. The 21-year-old ex of TLC mom Rilah Ferrer was arrested on Feb. 16 by police in Seminole County, Florida after allegedly tampering with his ankle monitor and attempting to flee a police officer. McKayla Adkins was one of the OG moms on “Unexpected” and is the only teen to be featured in the first three seasons of the show.

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A few weeks later, he was charged with misdemeanor battery domestic violence, but his mother Rebecca paid the $500 bond and he was released the next day . Later in April 2021, Starcasm further reported that Vanelli was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and was held in jail on a $5,000 bond. 0 commentsVanelli is also facing a felony aggravated assault charge after allegedly pulling a knife on a woman in April 2021, which he has claimed was an act of self-defense. Vanelli was originally charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling and improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon or firearm, but charges were later dropped.