Did Minerva really love Lio?

She wasn't in love with Lío, but she was still hurt when he left without saying goodbye. For Dedé, Virgilio was a life-changing romance, but for Minerva he is someone to share her revolutionary ideas while she is trapped at home.

Is Minerva the youngest sister?

María Argentina Minerva Mirabal Reyes (12 March 1926 – 25 November 1960), commonly known as Minerva, was the third daughter.

Why is prayer so important to Patria?

Patria is still used to having the picture of Jesus next to the portrait of Trujillo, so sometimes she accidentally says a prayer to El Jefe as she passes. Soon she starts to do this on purpose – she wants something from Trujillo (her family's safety), and the only way she knows how to ask is through prayer.

Why does Patria join the revolution?

This was when Patria saw a young boy around her boy's age get shot at the retreat. This was a critical turning point for her as she realised that could have been her son who was shot and she wanted to join in the revolution to protect her family. This is the reason she joined in the revolution.

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What has Dede been referred to as for all of these years?

STUDY. What has Dede been referred to as for all these years? "the sister who survived"

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Where was jaimito El cartero from?

He is an elderly, lazy postman who often tries to avoid doing any work to avoid fatigue and comes from the real Mexican city of Tangamandapio (known as Upsidedowntown in the English dub of the animated series).

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What happened in Chapter 10 of In the Time of the Butterflies?

Summary: Chapter 10

Patria has lost her house, husband, son, and peace of mind. Yet, she slowly recovers from the trauma. She lives with Mamá in Mamá's new house. It will be three months before she can see her husband, Nelson, María Teresa, or Minerva.

Is Dede the oldest?

Dedé is the second-oldest sister in the Mirabal clan, the practical one who knows how to…

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Why is it important that Patria names her son Raul Ernesto?

Pedrito and Patria have their own celebration, and a few weeks later she's pregnant. She wants to name the baby Raúl Ernesto after the Cuban revolutionaries. Patria asks the priest to help her enroll her son in a seminary in the capital because he wants to go where the action is, but she wants him to be safe.