On board the USS Wasp, Nomad and the 32 Ghosts were deployed to the island by helicopters. However, they were taken out by a drone swarm and Nomad, Holt,Vasily, Fixit, Fury and two male Ghosts were the sole survivors, while Weaver was killed and Midas went missing. He and the survivors were hunted down by Walker, who led a group of rogue Ghosts and military specialists known as the Wolves. Nomad and the Ghosts found shelter at Erewhon, which was home to the Homesteaders, who were led byMads Schulz, an ex-Marine. While at Erewhon, Holt informs Nomad about Victor Coste visiting the island. Nomad tracks down Victor to a harbor, who informs Nomad of Sam being at Auroa investigating the island.

Nomadic Statik

Nomad rendezvous with Sam, who informs him about the happenings in Auroa. He informs Nomad about a HVT called ‘The Strategist’ who has been kidnapping military specialists around the world for a program call “Project CLAW”. Sam and Nomad then team up to infiltrate the research facility where the HVT is located at.

After securing him, he was attacked by Walker and Hill, who has defected to Walker’s side. Skell then formulates a plan to take down the drone control program. Along the way, Nomad solely helped out key Skell Tech employees while eliminating Sentinel commanders and Walker’s elite lieutenants. Eventually, Nomad and his team manage to survive and take down the mercenary group’s senior officers and its main leader. When he infiltrated M.O.B Condor near Media Luna province, Kozak found out that Unidad had been shipping uranium found beneath Bolivia’s mines to the Russians. Nomad was sent in to help Kozak stop the shipments from reaching their destination.

Operation Red Patriot

Nomad and his team are called in by Bowman to assist Sam Fisher, who has been deployed in Bolivia to recover sensitive intelligence stolen by a rogue CIA agent who plans on selling it to Unidad at their FOB in La Cruz. Sam goes in before Nomad‘s team arrives and eliminates the rogue agent, he then accesses the servers to eliminate traces of the sensitive intelligence as Nomad and his team acts as rear security. They group later on escape, on asking Sam about the sensitive intelligence, Sam says that the intelligence was about advanced technology that can change the nature of warfare itself and can also end the special forces business for good.

Who is Nomad Statik on asking Sam about the


The case is now considered closed and no additional charges are expected to be filed. After extracting Daniel to the safe house, Nomad intercepted a call from Bowman to the Skell Tech engineer through the drone. But before he can tail the engineer, he meets up with Walker and tries to reason with him to not try to kill Bowman for the loss of his teammates. Thanks to Walker’s tracker he put into Daniel, Nomad finds out that the engineer sold out Bowman to Unidad, so he can get his passports to leave Bolivia.

Who is Nomad Statik shipping uranium found beneath

Rose through the ranks to become Team Leader during a difficult mission in Eastern Europe. The vehicle was recovered, although Petito was still nowhere to be discovered. Gabriella Petito from the vlog last spoke to her mother on 25 August 2021. On September 19, 2021, human remains were found near where Gabby Petito was last sighted, and were confirmed to be of Gabby.