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TikTok Stars Pierre Boo And Nicky Champa Brand Love Is Love To A Younger Generation

“We think it has a lot to do with the organic feel,” explains Pierre. He describes the selling as very personal, similar to a friend sharing tips. Followers want to hear and benefit from their favorite influencer’s opinions and expertise, just as they do by watching their videos online. Crespeau and Champa, whose videos garner millions of views every week, easily surpass that benchmark and confirmed that they have been beneficiaries of the Creator Fund. Their success on the platform has also landed them campaign deals with Spotify and Asos, among others.

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While most of their followers are tween girls and boys, Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa are big with mothers too, many of whom admit to being drawn to the guys’ wholesome movie star looks. Before launching their social media empires, both Pierre and Nicky had dreams of becoming Hollywood actors. We believe just the exposure has been the biggest asset of social media. We recently just shot our first major international commercial for Google!

“We speak directly to our followers and they have direct access to us through our platform,” Pierre continues.

TikTok’s Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo are ToxicAF — Flaunt Magazine – Flaunt Magazine

TikTok’s Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo are ToxicAF — Flaunt Magazine.

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“I was coming out of a tough breakup, and after one, two, three, four … heartbreaks, I lost the dream of a fairy-tale relationship,” Crespeau, who is known as “Pierre Boo” on social media, told NBC News. Grab all details of popular TikTok/Internet couple and LGBTQ sensation Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo’s dating, relationship, TikTok, Net Worth, and much more. The real-life couple first rose to prominence on Instagram, where they were fairly successful with over 200k followers. Their influence magnified dramatically, however, when they jumped to TikTok. According to Champa, the couple is not going to stop “pumping out happy content” anytime soon.

@art_p3rry The new age of social media influencers has been rising for a while but now it’s TikTok stars who are stealing the spotlight. TikTok, known for its short videos, catchy songs and dancing challenges, has quickly become the most popular hub for Gen-Z individuals. In order to know all of that ahead, we present you with all the details of how one of the popular Internet couples met each other, started dating. This has always been an idea we’ve had and it’s just the beginning of what we want to do. Sportswear is something that brings us comfort and what we are in most of the time, so it was a very natural starting point. We have big dreams to eventually have clothing lines and expand into all other categories of fashion.

Nicky Champa And Pierre Boo Net Worth Is $500k

Several large brands —Spotify, Ariana Grande, and ASOS, among them — have become sponsors of their pages. In TikTok lingo, that means the companies pay Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa to make exclusive content for their brands. We started a tradition back in 2019 to spend Christmas in France and then have Nicky’s mom and brother come to Paris for New Year’s where both of our families can celebrate together.

TikTok Stars Pierre Boo And Nicky Champa Brand Love Is Love To A Younger Generation

It really humbled us to see how our content and story touches so many people. After Europe, it really settled in that these numbers on the screen are real people, everywhere. Two days later, Pierre invited Nicky to help him film an audition video. Pierre stated in a YouTube video titled How we met, that he was a bit guarded about starting a relationship with Nicky because he had been heartbroken several times before.

It can be counterproductive to compare yourself to others and their paths, so we are always reminding ourselves, and also encouraging others, to focus and trust yours. Jay Valle, an NBCU Academy embed, writes and produces digital content for NBC Out. With that, Champa and Boo are both popular on Instagram holding 552k and 725k followers respectively via which they are also making a good amount of revenue.

The coolest part of it was that they wanted to make it about us, as Nicky and Pierre, and our relationship as its portrayed on our platforms. It was shot in our house and was about what we genuinely do, which us made us feel so incredibly seen and valued. The pair also run a YouTube channel, but they have only posted three videos over the past two years. It probably explains why they have a far less following on YouTube compared to their other social media pages.

Their growing fanbase, they said, is largely composed of teens and their moms. Talking of some interesting facts about Nicky, he ranks in the #1 spot in the first name of Nicky and #37 in the list of Virgo web stars as per reports from Famous Birthdays. Champa has also featured in the music video for Travis Scott’s song “Don’t Play”. Nicky Champa is a TikTok star who was born on September 13, 1995, in Dallas, TX. As mentioned he gained prominence after uploading videos on TikTok. The 25 years old has garnered over 7 million fans on his popular TikTok account, Nicky Champa.

They run independent TikTok accounts, with Nicky’s account having 4 million followers and Pierre’s account having 4 million followers. The couple also has individual Instagram pages and a combined page with 149K followers. In fact, they met at an audition for a small role four years ago and began dating. A year went by and nothing was really happening with their acting careers, so they reevaluated what they were doing and found other ways they could achieve fame.

Then, in 2019, when TikTok gained global popularity, the couple started to create content there as well, taking full advantage of the platform’s latest trends and features. The couple’s content ranges from pranks and challenges to cute couple’s videos and viral dances. This piece will look at the couple’s relationship and their take on plastic surgery. When it really started to build some sort of career, we were like, ‘Did our relationship just become our career? ’” Crespeau said, adding that the couple’s social media success has enabled them to upgrade from studio apartment renters to Hollywood homeowners. Pierre and Nicky are a popular social media couple who shot to fame for their collaborative videos on TikTok.

TikTok, which reported having 1 billion active global users in September, launched a $200 million Creator Fund in 2020, which benefits users who reach over 100,000 authentic video views in 30 days. In July, TikTok said the fund would increase to over $1 billion in the U.S. over the next three years and double that amount globally. “When we met and kind of realized we had the same drive and passion, we were just like, ‘Let’s do this together,’” Champa said. Through sharing glimpses of their relationship on Instagram and TikTok, the duo went from aspiring actors to social media phenoms. Nicky shares a whopping 7.9 million followers with 221.2 million likes on his official TikTok, similarly, Pierre has 8.7 million followers with 198.1 million likes, wow, that’s impressive! And with such whopping followers, the lovebirds are making a good amount of income.

Last but not the least, might be their major source of income, yes are talking about their TikTok. Accounting for both the TikTok star’s super famed career, earnings, and endorsements, the posses a net worth of around $500k. As mentioned they made such a staggering fortune via their 164k subs-filled YouTube channel which as per reports from Social Blade earns an estimated yearly earning of $26.6k and higher .

Who is Nicky Pierre story touches so many

Nicky has also been in a toxic relationship, and he’d put it out there that he was looking for someone to build a strong relationship with. He saw that person in Pierre, and right from the start, he was ready to get into a relationship with Pierre. As much as Pierre wanted to take the relationship slow, he couldn’t deny the connection he had with Nicky. While the couple has their fair share of followers, not everyone is a fan of the picture perfect — and perhaps syrupy sweet — relationship they illustrate on their social media accounts. Some of their most popular videos include their travel vlogs, dance challenges and pranks. Now, five years after that first chance encounter, Crespeau, 31, and Champa, 26, have amassed a massive social media following, with a combined 23 million followers on TikTok and nearly 2 million on Instagram.

We will be spending New Years in Paris with both families near the Arc de Triumph, which is Paris’ Times Square for New Year’s. Of course, that would be incredible, and it is very inspiring to see the speed of their growth. We are constantly striving to grow our numbers, but we are also believers in “slow and steady” and maintaining a strong bond with our audience.

At the same time, a major shift in the entertainment industry was happening that leaned heavily towards social media. Pierre and Nicky decided to jump on board the trend, documenting their real-life relationship for all the world to see. We recently spent the end of summer in Europe, where we traveled to France, Switzerland, and Italy and we were honestly shocked with how much acceptance and love we received from such a diverse group of people. There were kids waiting outside our apartments in Paris and Italy, who were very emotional to see us. People in the street would stop us and quote certain TikToks that made them laugh or related to our multi-cultural relationship.

So, Combining all their income, Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo Net Worth is around $500k. Nicky was raised by single mother Kelley Champa and has a brother named Timmy. Not many details about his early life and father are available as he tends to keep his personal information far from the media outlets. Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo fell in They met through the audition room where he walked up, where Pierre Boo had a love at first sightseeing Pierre Boo. Nicky wondered who the handsome man was and subsequently texted his manager asking for details.