Entering UFC 44

Who’s the oldest UFC fighter?

Randy Couture is the oldest UFC fighter ever in the world and had his last fight on April 30, 2011 at the age of 47. Couture first made his mixed martial arts debut at UFC 13 in 1997.

Has anyone had 3 belts in UFC?

Randy Couture

He would win that title three separate times. Entering UFC 44 against Tito Ortiz as the interim light heavyweight champion, Couture unified the titles with a unanimous decision on Sept. 26, 2003. He would win the 205-pound title a second time the following year.

Are there any Native American UFC fighters?

For the first time in Ultimate Fighting Championship history, a female Native American fighter has reached the pinnacle of Mixed Martial Arts. On Dec. 1, Nicco Montano defeated Roxanne Modafferi by unanimous decision to pick up UFC’s inaugural women’s flyweight division title.

Is Nicco Montano Native American?

Montano is a quarter Chickasaw, a quarter Navajo and half Hispanic but considers herself Native, having been raised on the 65,000-person Navajo Nation reservation near Gallup, New Mexico, that comprises a small part of America’s 5.2 million total Native population.

Who was the first UFC women’s flyweight champion?

In the show’s finale, Nicco Montaño competed against women’s MMA pioneer Roxanne Modafferi to determine the first UFC women’s flyweight champion. Defeating the likes of UFC veteran Lauren Murphy in the tournament, Montaño would also beat veteran Modafferi to be crowned the first champion of the 125-pound division.

What happened Nico Montano?

Former UFC champion Nicco Montano suffered terrible assault from MMA fighter. Former UFC champion Nicco Montano was the victim of a horrific attack Tuesday morning while at a hotel in Austin, Texas, and had to be admitted to a hospital due to the severity of her injuries.

What’s the longest someone has held a UFC belt?

#1 – Anderson Silva, 2457 days. Taking the number one spot on this list is Anderson Silva who’s Middleweight title reign lasted for 2457 days – a UFC record.

Who has won the most UFC titles?

1760 day reign as UFC champion – UFC record. There is no doubt that Anderson Silva is the greatest MMA champion of all time. Combining his UFC, Cage Rage and Shooto titles, he has three total titles with 11 total defenses.

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Who has the 145 UFC belt?

Women’s Featherweight/Bantamweight Champion: Amanda Nunes (21-4) The lioness seems to be content at being the dominant champion of both the 145-pound and 135-pound divisions (featherweight and bantamweight).