Who is Natalie Casanova
break from live content

Who is Natalie Casanova?

Natalie Casanova is veteran streamer on Twitch since 2012. Her uniquely engaging personality, style and high quality production has made her a leader and trendsetter in the industry over the years.

Who is zombie unicorn?

Nati Casanova (born: April 15, 1987 (1987-04-15) [age 34]), better known online as ZombiUnicorn, is a Cuban American nonbinary gaming, beauty, vegan and lifestyle YouTuber, Twitchstreamer, activist & Reality TV show star.

Where is ZombiUnicorn?

Zombiunicorn has currently been on a break from live content on their Twitch channel, but still produces weekly shows on HolyCrit. They will be returning to full-time on-camera content creation soon.

Cuban American nonbinary