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She participated in several catalogues and developed a new fragrance called Chiffon by Ani Lorak. In the wake of the annexation of Crimea and the War in the Donbass, Lorak continued performing in Russia. This led to severe criticism from several politicians and parts of the Ukrainian society. During several of her concerts in Odesa and Kyiv in 2014, protesters gathered in front of the concert venues. In November 2014, activists gathered to protest against her concert in the Palace of Ukraine.

2005: Honoured Artist Of Ukraine, Ukrainian Albums And First Eurovision Attempt

In December, Ani Lorak received the diploma of the festival “Song of the Year” for the song “You Still Love.” At the end of May, Ani Lorak and Mot win the nomination “Best duet of the year” with the song “Soprano” at the RU.TV Awards. In December, Ani Lorak received the “Golden Gramophone” award for song with Grigory Leps “Mirrors.” In June, Ani Lorak became the owner of a special award from the recording company «Panik Records» for the sale of her English-language single, «I’m Alive» in the iTunes Store in Greece. According to “Seven Days” magazine Ani Lorak is the most beautiful woman in Russia. In March, at the awarding of the “Personality of the Year” award, Ani Lorak received the award in the “Star Solo” nomination.

2017: Criticism For Performing In Russia, Razve Ty Lyubil And Tour Show Karolina

According to the magazine “Focus” Ani Lorak entered the top 100 most influential women in Ukraine. According to the magazine “Focus,” Ani Lorak is the No. 1 artist in the public interest. In May 2008, Ani Lorak became the silver prize winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

Who is Nastya Sedokova Albums And First Eurovision Attempt

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As a result, the stage name “Ani Lorak” was invented, which was the name “Karolina” read backwards. Lorak developed the desire to become a singer as early as the age of four. As a child, she listened a lot to Russian singers such as Alla Pugacheva and Larisa Dolina, which were popular at the time she was young. Ani Lorak had a notably tough childhood, which she later claimed shaped her personality.

Who is Nastya Sedokova Honoured Artist Of

Lorak finished in second place in the Ukrainian national final with the song “A Little Shot Of Love”. Afterwards, she released her first and only English-language album Smile. At the start of 2018, Lorak started her next tour, titled DIVA, which received positive reviews from music critics.

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In 2007, she celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of her artistry with the album 15, fully in Russian bar one song in English. However, the collaboration with Meladze quickly fell through, leaving Lorak without a producer. In 2005, Ani Lorak made her first attempt to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest and was virtually certain to sing the home country’s entry in Kyiv, but ultimately failed to be selected. However, their song “Razom nas bahato”, had a larger societal impact at the time, following the Orange Revolution.