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When was The Fall filmed?

Filming took place in Belfast between December 2015 and April 2016. The third series got an exclusive look at the Edinburgh International Television Festival on 25 August 2016.

Who played the little girl in The Fall?

Katerina “Katie” Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi), a 15-year-old schoolgirl. She babysits the Spectors’ children and – over the course of doing so – develops an affinity for Paul Spector.

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Is Stella in love with Spector?

She admitted there was tension between the two characters, but denied it ever being sexual. Fans found the serial killer’s connection to the detective alluring, and they are convinced there was more to the relationship.

Is The Fall a true story?

Who is Russell Williams and is Netflix’s The Fall based on a true story? RUSSELL Williams formerly worked for the Canadian air force, before his fetishes escalated into murder. Netflix’s The Fall was inspired primarily by killer Dennis Rader, but the show’s creator also looked into Russell Williams.

What happened to Paul Spector as a child?

Early Life

After his mother commits suicide, he was sent to an orphanage run by a priest who was later tried for pedophilia. Spector tells Stella Gibson that, when he was an eleven-year-old in an orphanage, he avoided to wash to have a repulsive look.

What happened to Spector in The Fall?

Paul Spector killed himself

His demise was foreshadowed at the start of the episode when Stella said death would be “an easy escape” for Spector and allow him to “cheat the system”. However, Spector soon realised the only way out was to kill himself.

What happened to Olivia Spector?

What happened to Olivia Spector at the end of The Fall? The Fall concluded with the suicide of Spector, who caused one last act of chaos in the psychiatric facility where he was being held in. He also murdered a fellow patient as he planned a huge diversion which would allow him to take his own life.

What was Sally Ann Spector in?

The Fall (TV Series 2013–2016) – Bronagh Waugh as Sally Ann Spector – IMDb.

What happens to Katie on The Fall?

Katie ended up in a juvenile detention centre after the assault while Spector was custody. By this point, the schoolgirl had been playing truant and had become distanced from her family due to her escalating behaviour. READ MORE: The Fall season 4 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Did Paul Spector abuse his daughter?

After the abuse was discussed in the finale, it was immediately followed by a shocking, brutally violent scene in which Paul attacked and beat Stella after she baited him by saying that he still feels the compulsive need to be the center of attention and receive “special treatment.” I’d venture a guess that, despite …

Who is Sara Beattie?

Sarah Beattie is an actress, known for The Fall (2013) and The Kingcast (2020).

What happened to Paul Spector’s wife in The Fall?

Sally Ann’s fate was unclear in season three as she was left in a critical condition in hospital and her son and daughter taken into care. Her reaction when she learnt the truth about Paul seemed to suggest she’d had no idea about him.

How is Paul Spector caught?

Finally, in season three Spector was caught and during a tense interrogation scene in the finale, he beat Gibson to a pulp. Several guards had to wrench Spector off Gibson amid his violent assault in which he also broke detective Tom Anderson’s (Colin Morgan) arm.