After the song, she gets kidnapped by the spy girls, and putted into the trash. Luckily, Moxy’s hair helped her get out, she also did a motivational speech. All dolls were depressed and so as Moxy. Soon, Mandy told Moxy that she was right, she can go to the big world, she has to overcome Lou. Mandy and Moxy sing a song on mirrors in space about being different… We first see her in her bed drawing, then, woken up by Peggy, starts singing while giving the news to the dolls of Uglyville.

Who Is Josie Totah?

Viewers of Moxie may recognise Josie from her role as Stuart Wooten in Disney’sJessie, or as Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio inSaved by the Bell. Prior to landing her role as CJ in Moxie, Josie has appeared in many TV series including New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Glee and Nina Needs to Go. A list of dolls released under the Moxie Girlz, Moxie Teenz and Moxie Boyz brands. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

I bought all of the dolls and several of the extra wigs and have had a really fun time mixing and matching wigs, dolls and outfits. When a new line of Moxie Teenz is announced, I am hoping for new wigs, different faces and more fun wardrobe pieces to add to my collection. Because the new dolls have rooted hair, they can’t share wigs with their predecessors, nor do they come with new wigs for the other girls to try.

Who is Moxie Dolls Glee and

I just finalized the order and I feel lucky to have secured myself the last ones. While the purple dress is nice, you’re just not getting as much for your money with that outfit as you did with the first wave. I can’t mix and match the way I do with my older dolls. Moxy is a felt-covered pink doll that’s naked with black eyes and eyelashes. She has seven teeth and a glob of hair on her head.

We reviewed the Arizona Doll…check it out! Arizona’s the and one bald Moxie Boyz doll. In addition, MGA is donating $1 for every doll sold to support cancer research at the City of Hope organization. Kids going through chemotherapy will soon have popular Bratz and moxie dolls that mirror one of the biggest cosmetic challenges the kids face — losing their hair. The six bald-but-beautiful versions of the dolls are due out in June.


I knew there was a red head with rooted hair. It’s a shame that they aren’t going to make them anymore. I think they are far more prettier than Liv Dolls. They are a bear to get clothes for though. The Moxie Teenz wigs, in general, are pretty nice.

Who is Moxie Dolls Kids will be tasked with

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Oh no, I’m wrong about some of the new Liv dolls having rooted hair! A quick google reveals the latest Livs all wear WIGS. Sorry about that, I hate spreading bad information. I think SpinMaster is saving money by using less articulated bodies on the new Livs, but maybe customer surveys reveal children think the joints are ugly? It’d be interesting to know the real reason. I missed the boat on one thing you mentioned–do some of the new Liv dolls have rooted hair??
Who is Moxie Dolls to support cancer research

Can’t you always chop the rooted hair off so they can wear wigs? I was planning on doing that with my Leigh but I fell in love with her lovely red hair and can’t bring myself to do it now. If it’s a $20 doll, leave the articulation as it was for the other $20 dolls. The star of Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls, and Parks and Recreation, the performer’s legend precedes her. Stepping behind the camera for Moxie, which was also produced by her production company Paper Kite, was an easy decision for Poehler.

I own Bijou from wave 1 and saw a $10 third-wave Bijou yesterday at Marshall’s. I left it there because I was not overly enthused about the dress and those oh-so plastic shoes. Since I woke up thinking about the doll this morning, I thought I would investigate further and perhaps go back and purchase the doll as a body donor. I’m still on the fence about the purchase but that may change by the end of the day; it’s still early.

Kids will be tasked with helping Moxie explore and learn human experiences and life skills, like learning new words or chatting about significant experiences like going to the dentist. Parents will be able to control Moxie through a “parent app,” which will let them check their child’s progress and limit their Moxie usage. When I was a child I wanted to be a mum and have ten children….I only had one of my own but made up for it by becoming a full time foster carer. I wanted to be mum to eight children and build my own house. I did woodwork at school instead of cookery & wanted to work in a joinery type of job. Eventually I became a property developer so my inclination worked out well.