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Top 100 Most Subscribed Gaming Youtubers

Some of his vlogs feature him in costume, performing scripted comedic sequences. He interacts with his community and followers, often posting polls for people to respond to. When it comes to learning with fun, Like Nastya is a place to go. The road was not always smooth for the Ukraine-born star.

10 of the mostsubscribed YouTube channels in the world – Lifestyle Asia Singapore

10 of the most-subscribed YouTube channels in the world.

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The squad is made up of two twin brothers, and then 3 of their friends. They went to college together and played basketball on the same team. For example, the squad is the most-watched in the field of sports worldwide. Sportsmen have a nice relationship with their subs.

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Who Is The Most Popular Youtuber In The USA?

Donaldson famously produces attention-grabbing content. He curates several exciting games and rolls out eye-catching prizes to winners. Also, he sometimes tries some impossible challenges, like when he tried to stay under-water for 24 hours.

  • He also features lots of jokes, silly skits, and entertaining gaming vids.
  • These fans love being able to connect and talk to the people they follow.
  • One of the founders, Anthony Padilla, left the channel in June 2017.
  • Some of his best playlists include Minecraft lets plays, Useless Things to Buy on the Internet, WhatsApp Horror Stories, and vlogs.

A November 2018 survey found that in terms of video content consumption of children, online video streaming was more popular than live TV. Overall, 65 percent of children watched content via streaming, ahead of 54 percent watching live TV. In 2018, children in the United States spent an average of 10.7 hours watching streaming content on connected TVs per week. YouTube has produced a new generation of celebrities and influencers that have turned posting videos online into lucrative full-time careers.

18 U.S.C. 2257 documentation is maintained by the individual users of this site. These are not to be mistaken for the channels Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, both of which are included.


One of his most well-known vids is an Adele parody. It appears that Nunes Batista is on a bit of a break right now, as his latest string of videos came out two months ago. From their crib in Dubai, Vlad and Niki is a sensation to children across the globe.

This makes his viewers laugh and come back for more. His net worth is truly big, as his space has earned millions of dollars with paid ads. All in all, their YouTube videos are related to the basket, football, and golf. So, they are able to record great videos by themselves.

In 2019, Juan De Dios made a 37-minute video with some former team employees of Badabun. They accused the show’s crew of making up stories and relationship gists to get more audience. In all of these, the entertainment hub gets more popular every year. And they now rank among the most popular YouTube channels in the world. The series, “Exposing Infidels,” is its famous collection. There, actor Lizbeth Rodriguez interviews couples and tests their faithfulness to each other.
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Plus, their videos inspire togetherness and sharing in the minds of young viewers. The show has partnerships with several firms, especially Haven Global and Underscore Talent. With these, they intend to push their brand to a larger international audience. Added to their YouTube fortune, the siblings have a gaming app for children. And they popularly review and advertise brands of toys. Despite his account getting hacked in 2013, Nunes Batista created a new one and gained his followers back.

At a tender age, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The doctors feared that she might lose her speech in later years. Not long after that, her parents sold their companies and started the YouTube channel.