Who is Miss Sethi

Is Ms Sethi married?

She is married and Not Dating anyone. She belongs to a Hindu family and Her Zodiac Sign is Aquarius.

Who is Miss Sethi August 1975

Is Sethi Jain?

He was amongst the first proponents of Jainism in Nagaland. He was awarded the Commendation Certificate by the Governor of Nagaland, Lallan Prasad Singh, on 15 August 1975 for Social and Humanitarian activities. In 1959, he established the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce.

Who were Sethi usually?

Sethi is a surname that is found among the Khatri community of India. They are a part of Khukhrain sub-caste among the Khatris which also includes the clans of Anand, Bhasin Chadha, Kohli, Ghai, Sahni (Sawhney) and Suri. The surname is also found among Arora which is another sub-caste of Khatris.

Who is Miss Sethi Shilpa, who has

Is Raj Kundra a Sikh or a Hindu?

He was born and brought up in London, United Kingdom. Raj was born into a Hindu family. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Raj is married to Shilpa Shetty.

Who is Miss Sethi million followers on the

Who is Ms Shilpa Sethi?

Shilpa Sethi is a Indian model, actress, better known by her stage name Ms. sethii. Shilpa has been a key figure in the popularization of Instagram. Shilpa, who has led with her mammoth backside in sexy photos to land 1.5 million followers on the site, said to the Daily Mail.