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In the anime, she went in the same class as Tomoya since their first year, but he never noticed her. While in the light novel, during the first year, Megumi went to class E while Tomoya went to class A. After Tomoya had met her during the fate summons, she inspired him to make a dating sim game, featuring her as his Main Heroine.

The front of her hair has two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short bob cut. She also wears a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair, one of which contained the data on artificially making new Super Devils. Megumi Koneko has more than 507,000 followers who she has gained by uploading her dazzling images and short recordings. In addition to Instagram, he has also amassed 800,000 followers on TikTok, where he streams short recordings. He also runs a YouTube channel where he distributes comedy, dance, and prank videos.

The first error is because of the file type, this will only work on images. They’re probably embeding tracking data or hiding encrypted information in images. Megumi Koneko has over 507,000 followers which she has gained by conveying her delightful looking photos and short shots.

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The white beret that she wore was given to a relative, much to Tomoya’s disappointment, but she is later seen wearing the same one, possibly meaning that she recovered it. Koneko likes to enjoy watching food reviews and game videos on DeviTube, as well as live streaming games. Her love for Issei grows so much that, at the beginning of Volume 11, she starts to go into her mating season . However, she still insults him when his perverted nature gets the better of him (at least when it isn’t directed towards herself). Koneko has even stated that she enjoys Issei viewing her as a woman. She shows the most concern for her comrades when they are in trouble, often lending her strength in fights.

Though she plays the part of the supremely powerful wizard, Megumin is actually quite childish and immature. She is sensitive about her age and underdeveloped body, becoming either despondent or aggressive when treated like a little girl. She maintains a somewhat petty rivalry with her old classmate Yunyun, and never misses an opportunity to bully and harass her, despite secretly seeing her as a friend. Megumin wears a classical witch attire such as a black cloak, a red robe, orange boots and a black wizard’s hat, all with gold border and trimmings, alongside black choker, belt and fingerless gloves. Megumin’s right leg is wrapped in white bandages and a black stocking on the left one. After losing her parents, she and her sister were later taken in by an unnamed Devil from the branch family of the House of Naberius, who reincarnated her sister as one of the members of his peerage.

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She was a very quiet and boring girl which Tomoya claim that even he did not realize that she is in his class since first year in high school. Megumi is a cute girl with straight shoulder-length chestnut-brown hair that is usually worn down but it is long enough to be tied up into a ponytail, dark brown eyes and she is described to have “perfect proportions”. Megumi is usually seen with her school uniform, or else, casual clothes, which Tomoya describes as just “normal”. “I have so many sisters around me, and Yuuto-senpai is like a brother. I’ve made so many friends, and most importantly…there’s also someone that I love. With so many family members around me, I can fight well. I can live well.

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Catherine cosplay I absolutely loved cosplaying a succubus, the confidence boost is great and the characters uniqueness makes it easy to recognise. It’s just sad how much slut-shaming I get for a cosplay that’s not even that overly revealing, but simply accentuates a sexual theme, which a succubus represents. According to a questionnaire,Koneko’s favorite type of man is one who is a very kind person. Koneko’s job requests as a Devil are mainly cosplay requests for photo shoots or playing games with her clients.The nature of her contract requests coincide with that of Asia Argento. Koneko’s name, along with the fact that she wears gloves with cat paw prints and is quite agile, all were alluding to that she is a nekomata before her reveal as one.

However, Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the Four Great Satans, protected her and left her under his sister Rias’ care. Due to the trauma, she experienced with her sister’s betrayal and murder of her master, she fell into a deep depression, eventually robbing her of nearly all of her emotions until Rias helped her out of it. It was around that time Rias gave Koneko her name and made Koneko her servant. Koneko Toujou, originally named Shirone is one of the female protagonists of High School DxD. At first, a first-year student at Kuoh Academy, prior to becoming a second-year, and a member of the Occult Research Club. She is a Nekoshou, a rare species of Nekomata, and the younger sister of Kuroka, as well as Rias Gremory’s first Rook.