Did Matty Cash change his name?

Cash has since been granted citizenship and, as a result, has received a new Polish name – Mateusz Gotowka. The Aston Villa star thanked Poland’s President Andrzej Duda for his support.

How much does Jacob Ramsey earn?

The 20-year-old has put pen to paper on a new deal, believed to be worth about £70,000 a week, which will keep him at Villa Park until 2027 after impressing during the present campaign.

Who is Matt Cash total of 15 chances created

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Why is Matty cash playing for Poland?

The right-back – who was born in Slough – qualified to play for the Polish side through his mother’s side of the family and and successfully had his citizenship changed in October after talks with the Polish FA. Cash made his first international appearance after coming off the bench in the 63rd minute.

Who is Matt Cash change his name

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Why did Matty Cash change nationality?

Matty Cash: Aston Villa right-back switches international allegiance to Poland. Matty Cash has officially been granted Polish citizenship and could play his first game for the national team next month. Despite growing up in England, Cash qualifies for Polish citizenship through his mother and grandfather.

Who is Matt Cash does Gerrard

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Does Matty Cash speak Polish?

I only speak a few words of Polish but my mum speaks it fluently and she has been helping me brush up.” The next two matches are crucial for Poland’s World Cup qualification hopes: win them and they could finish above England in Group I or, more likely, secure a play-off place.

How much does Gerrard earn at Aston Villa?

Six years after departing Liverpool as a player, Gerrard is returning to the Premier League and will become the highest-paid manager in Villa’s history on a deal worth around £5 million a year.

How good is Matty cash?

Matty Cash has 3 assists after 38 match days in the season 2021/2022. With these statistics he ranks number 90 in the Premier League. He also has a total of 15 chances created. With these statistics he ranks number 93 in the Premier League.

How does Matty Cash qualify for Poland?

Although the two players have both played the same position in claret and blue, they will not share the same position with three lions on their shirt, after Cash made the decision to declare for Poland in October. Cash qualifies for the Poland national team due to both his mother and grandfather being from Poland.