Talking about their mother

Does Mathilde Tantot have surgery?

The only surgery she’s ever had is on her nose. She does, however, take part in facial fillers and injections that only enhance her natural beauty.

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Is Pauline Tantot natural?

My chest and waist are 100% natural. Today I am proud to say that I am a woman, my body is my asset, it is my weapon.

What is Mathilde Tantot famous for?

Mathilde Tantot Wiki:– Mathilde Tantot is a French-Persian entrepreneur along with being a model, actress, and influencer. She is the co-founder of Khassani Swimwear which is a swimwear brand. She appeared in Nous Finrons Ensemble ( 2019 ) and De Quoi J’me Melei ( 2019 ) movies.

Where are the Tantot twins from?

Pauline Tantot and Mathilde Tantot

These sizzling hot sisters were born in the fashion city of France. Talking about their mother and father, they have not shared much about them in the media.