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Mason and fellow Confederate diplomat John Slidell were confined in Fort Warren in Boston Harbor. The Trent Affair threatened to bring Britain into open war with the United States, despite triumphant rhetoric in the north. Even the cool-headed Lincoln was swept along in the celebratory spirit, but enthusiasm waned when he and his cabinet studied the likely consequences of a war with Britain. After careful diplomatic exchanges, they admitted that the capture was contrary to maritime law and that private citizens could not be classified as “enemy despatches.” Slidell and Mason were released, and war was averted.

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Who was Matthew Mason and how long was he jailed for? – Manchester Evening News

Who was Matthew Mason and how long was he jailed for?.

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] the only global Old Roman Catholic jurisdiction with provinces in North America, South America, Asia and Africa] and the Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain (ORCC/GB) headed by Archbishop Douglas Lewins, who claims to be the lineal descendant of Mathew‘s original church. In October 1890, he changed his name, by deed poll, from Arnold Jerome Matthews to Arnoldo Girolamo Povoleri. Mathew, under the name Povoleri, married Margaret Florence, fifth daughter of Robert Duncan, at St Marylebone Parish Church, London, on 22 February 1892. Mathew had been both a Roman Catholic and an Anglican before becoming a bishop in the Union of Utrecht .

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The two diplomats set sail for England again on January 1, 1862. Following admission to the Virginia bar, Mason practiced law in Virginia, and also operated a plantation in Frederick County. Despite a sloppy and damaged census record, he may have owned 5 slaves in the 1830 census. In the 1850 federal census, Mason owned ten enslaved people, half of them children under ten years of age. In that year, he also owned a 25 year old Black woman and her four children in nearby Rappahannock County. In the 1860 census, Mason owned a 49 year old Black man, 35 year old Black woman, and children aged 14, 13, 12, 10 and 3 years old.

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“At the Corner of Fantasy and Main” by Matt Mason – Nebraska Public Media News

“At the Corner of Fantasy and Main” by Matt Mason.

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Later in 1891 he was persuaded to “trial” the Anglican ministry and went to assist the rector of Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, London. He was never officially received into the Church of England, neither did he formally leave the Roman Catholic Church.