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The Louisiana Remove Involuntary Servitude as Punishment for a Crime from Constitution Amendment is on the ballot in Louisiana as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 8, 2022. Registered voters can bring their voter information card to the Office of Motor Vehicles to receive a free Louisiana special identification card. Ballotpedia has not identified political action committees registered to support or oppose this measure. As mentioned, Francis picks on Chester, A.J., Elmer, and Sanjay almost exclusively. He is sometimes seen leading a pack of smaller thugs, but usually is seen working alone when bullying the students.

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Francis is shown to have a caring side sometimes, usually when he is alone. He has many posters of pop singer Britney Britney in his room. He is bulky, has absolutely no tan whatsoever, and has very crooked, discolored teeth. He wears a black sleeveless vest over a gray shirt with a lightning bolt on it, blue jeans with a wallet chain along the side, spiked wristbands, and black nail polish. In an alternate timeline without Timmy, he became a tanned, well-groomed star football player who defends weaker kids rather than hurt them .

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Francis picks on Tootie in the episode “You Doo” by stealing her toys twice, and threatened to beat her up in “Kung Timmy” when she showed her support for Timmy. Francis bullied Trixie Tang during a visit to the beach to steal her away from Timmy, and she seemed to enjoy his company for the most part while he continued his bullying routine on the other kids. By far the most feared kid in the school, and possibly the entire school district, Francis strikes fear into the hearts of lesser children every day at school. In most cases, every child is smaller than the freakishly large for his age Francis, and so he has plenty of victims. Among his favorites are Timmy Turner, A.J., and Chester McBadbat. Shown to be usually very stupid with a tendency toward unprovoked aggression, He represents a stereotypical bully.