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His final outing, The Valley of the Fox, sees him on the run, in a chase plot somewhat reminiscent of Rogue Male. Between the first two and last Marlow books, Hone published another thriller, The Paris Trap, which features a British spy who wrote a thriller about Palestinian terrorists and his old friend who is the matinee idol actor starring in the film. Things take a sinister turn when terrorists launch a kidnapping to try to get the script written more sympathetically. In the decade since that was published the quality certainly dropped off and I would be surprised if Furst, now 81, published another book. Nonetheless his back catalogue is one of the most impressive in spy fiction. Francis Clifford does not sound like the kind of pen name you would devise for a thriller writer, but then it’s an improvement on Arthur Leonard Bell Thompson, the author’s real name.

Aaron Kwok, Francis Ng Reunite for ‘Insider’ as Hong Kong Film Production Perks Up – Variety

Aaron Kwok, Francis Ng Reunite for ‘Insider’ as Hong Kong Film Production Perks Up.

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The cosmopolitan ensemble cast, complete with some well drawn and alluring female support, makes for a grown up thriller, which is my favourite of Follett’s. Anthony Hyde’s first novel, The Red Fox, is quite simply one of the best espionage/mystery thrillers I’ve ever read. It begins with the hero, journalist Robert Thorne, contemplating why his father committed suicide, before his ex gets in touch to say her father is missing. Thorne pursues the mystery and the missing man across time and continents, following clues that hark back to secrets of the Cold War, culminating in a denouement in the frozen wastes of the USSR.

Top 125 Best Spy Authors Ranked By Tim Shipman For Spybrary

In one of the many films of Williams’ books which was never made Orson Welles was to have played Pol. He’s my favourite fat man in espionage until Jackson Lamb came along.The next three entries are three of the finest British spy writers of the last 20 years. I find it almost impossible to separate them and ranking them has been the hardest part of this entire exercise. The first is a blazing talent but who has published fewer books, the second is the most consistently good and the third has penned my favourite of all their works and is enjoying an Indian summer of success. Interestingly, all three have had wrestling matches with the British publishing industry. Lawton is one of the last of the difficult to categorise writers.

Ekelund M, Shaat N, Almgren P, Groop L, Berntorp K. Prediction of postpartum diabetes in women with gestational diabetes mellitus. Dalfrà MG, Lapolla A, Masin M, Giglia G, Dalla Barba B, Toniato R, Fedele D. Antepartum and early postpartum predictors of type 2 diabetes development in women with gestational diabetes mellitus. Cao XP, Xiao HP, Chen SJ, Zhan YF, Xiu LL, Wang ZL. Beta-cell dysfunction is the primary contributor to the early postpartum diabetes among Chinese women with history of gestational diabetes mellitus. Schmidt MI, Duncan BB, Reichelt AJ, Branchtein L, Matos MC, Costa e Forti A, Spichler ER, Pousada JM, Teixeira MM, Yamashita T. Gestational diabetes mellitus diagnosed with a 2-h 75-g oral glucose tolerance test and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Studies directly comparing the prevalence of GDM by either NDDG or Carpenter-Coustan criteria show, however, significant differences, with an approximately 50% relative increase in GDM prevalence if the Carpenter-Coustan criteria are used[9,11-13]. The post-load glucose levels are estimated as being 0.9 mmol/L lower at one hour, and 0.5 mmol/L lower at two hours with the lower glucose load, therefore these criteria will identify a different group of women.

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Even better, and definitely, a spy novel is The Company of Strangers, which pitches a Portuguese woman into the maelstrom of wartime spying, alongside a Nazi double agent, and then follows her into the Cold War. The writing is assured and reminiscent of other historic espionage authors like Paul Vidich and Joseph Kanon. Matthews is half Russian, speaks the language like a native, and was Moscow bureau chief for Newsweek so his drab Russian streets are pitch-perfect. If he keeps at it Matthews has the potential to trouble the top 40 of this list. If that is not enough he is also the author of the definitive English language work on Richard Sorge, Stalin’s Second World War master spy.

  • All three are very good indeed and it is a tragedy that Brookes seems to have abandoned his writing career.
  • “Major US Jewish group elects 1st openly gay rabbi | JPost | Israel News”.
  • And Horowitz is also a talented writer for children and his Alex Rider series, about a boy recruited by MI6, runs to 12 books in 20 years.