Who is Madam Violet

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Violet Oakley

With help from Frozone, Violet and her brothers are able to escape when Dash enables the Incredimobile, to pick them up. Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack sneak on board the DevTech’s ship to rescue their parents. During Lucius’ visit, she is amazed to discover Jack-Jack’s powers as Dash is. Later, an exhausted Bob confesses to Violet that he sent the baby to Edna and admits that he was trying to be a good dad by fixing her problem with Tony and do good for her and her brothers. A sympathetic and touched Violet hugs him, saying he is not “good” but “super”.

Who is Madam Violet confesses to Violet that

Just Call Her Madame Violet

Before Kyros intervened, Doflamingo had planned to execute Riku Doldo III. In order to save her father’s life, Viola joined the ranks of the Donquixote Pirates and seemed to have earned Doflamingo’s trust enough for him to call her by her real name. However, Viola herself hates Doflamingo for what he did to her family and country and wished to kill him. He was not especially surprised to learn that she had betrayed him.

Who is Madam Violet Fae-tainted Lilith blood

Before Sarah Newlin could open up the sun roof to the white, circular room in the Burrell camp, she was among the vampires who drank Bill Compton’s Fae-tainted Lilith blood to save her and the others from meeting the sun and giving her the ability to daywalk. While Violet is feeding from Jason in private, Tara, Willa, Pam and Jessica attempt to ask Violet to share Jason with them, only to be told to leave them alone. Understanding his concern, she explains that she is not the kind of vampire that blurs sex and feeding together. She also told him that they will eventually have sex, but only when she feels that he has properly wooed her enough. Violet was known for her bizarre and intrusive behavior with people’s personal spaces, and inability to detect social cues .

House Of Mouse

Madame Violet doesn’t want to talk about it, but it is her good friends Lolit Solid and Celia Rodriguez who are hopping mad because she doesn’t even want to get angry. But Mark Gil is such a good person and didn’t want to take advantage of Madame Violet’s generosity. Actually, it was when she was doing the rounds of promo work for Cash & Carry that I first heard about her. Madame Violet immediately earned my respect because I noticed how she was giving so much importance to Gloria Romero, who was one of the stars of Cash & Carry. Although Ms. Romero was among the longest- reigning movie queens, some people do not give her the kind of treatment she deserves in this business.


Ehrman states that the historical sources reveal absolutely nothing about Jesus’s sexuality and that there is no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married or that they had any kind of sexual or romantic relationship. None of the canonical gospels imply such a thing and, even in the late Gnostic gospels, where Mary is shown as Jesus’s closest disciple, the relationship between them is not sexual. The extremely late Greater Questions of Mary, which has not survived, allegedly portrayed Mary not as Jesus’s wife or partner, but rather as an unwilling voyeur.