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Before he leaves, he instructs Simone to protect Rasmus, as he is the key to curing the virus. On hearing someone attempting to get inside the bunker, Simone opens the bunker door, assuming it is her father. She is exposed to the virus and quickly dies, leaving Simone and Rasmus alone. At first, the children are able to contact someone by radio, but the communication eventually stops. Simone has flashbacks to her parents’ arguing about treating a sick Rasmus with some sort of virus. With their food supply dwindling, Rasmus wants to leave.

  • The Rain is a Danish post-apocalyptic streaming television series created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen and Christian Potalivo.
  • I may add some small combs instead to make it feel a bit more secure.
  • And there is always the shirring and waist ties as well.
  • There are no stickers or other cute freebies- Anybody else like collecting those little freebies that come with their Japanese fashion purchases?
  • I would have preferred a slightly smaller bow here.

By the evening, we were ready to go to a pub for a nice drink. Sadly, the one we intended to go to made us feel really uncomfortable. We walked in to the Pitcher and Piano and everybody in the room turned to look at us. It was such an awkward feeling that we lasted about a minute inside before deciding we didn’t like the atmosphere. I think that has to be one of my most uncomfortable experiences whilst wearing lolita in the entire time I have worn the fashion.

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Fie and Sarah reunite but Sarah is resentful of Fie leaving her for dead, while Martin is recaptured. Daniel and Luna‘s father wants Simone gone as soon as she recovers as he fears her discovering the flower extract. Luna, however, demonstrates to Simone the power of the flower extract to repel the virus and she eventually follows the father to the source. Sarah and Rasmus discover many of the terminally ill patients intended to receive the virus are already dead as Sten has started testing. Simone is nearly executed by Daniel’s father to protect their secret; however, Daniel attacks his father and allows her to escape. Martin agrees to join Rasmus and receive the virus.

The head bow would have looked just fine without them.The tassels seem too big and I dislike the way they hang. Tiny little tassels maybe wouldn’t have looked so bad. I dislike having them placed over the ear area either side, and I feel it looks a bit peculiar worn on the dress head in the stock photos. I just think it is a shame that AatP couldn’t have offered just one simple looking head bow for this series. Pisces loves to daydream and love romantic touches, such as chiffon and shimmer.

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This series is available in beige, red, navy and black . I am feeling very unsure about the beige colour way as I feel this print works best with a really bold, deep background. As for the print, I like how it depicts the darker side of the Red Riding Hood story. The trees in the background are very sinister looking and one part is even shaped like the wolf, which I feel is a nice touch. It is really great when you get a print that has a few hidden surprises in it. My favourite part is Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

Who is Luna Rain and it sits quite

The Rain

The bow looks very big, but the shape is nice and it sits quite nicely. The chains dangle down nicely and are a good length. This JSK uses the same pretty button as the ones used on the other JSK. However, something about the overall bodice feels a bit plain and there are large areas with a lack of detail. The back has a panel of shirring which is topped neatly with a ribbon corset.