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She is responsible for raising and lowering the moon each night, and has the ability to travel into other ponies’ dreams. 1000 years prior to the series setting, Luna became jealous of Celestia when the ponies shunned her nights but enjoyed the day. She eventually transformed into the evil Nightmare Moon as a result of this jealousy, and was imprisoned in the moon. 1000 years later, Nightmare Moon would reappear, but would be reverted to her original form as Princess Luna thanks to Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony. In Freedom Planet, Lilac wears a light blue sleeveless vest on top of a white tank top, and light blue shorts that are held by a dark blue belt with a golden box-frame buckle. She also wears light blue gloves with yellow trims, and light blue leather boots with yellow soles and rowel-like metal pieces on the side of the heels.


She has speaking roles in Green Isn’t Your Color and The Best Night Ever. She had white molded hair and white wings that could be decorated. Included were two markers, and two sheets of stickers that could be used to decorate Luna. Lilac is a playable character in the kart racing game Super Indie Karts developed by OneLeggedSeagull Games.

In the song IU recognizes that life does not always imitate art, which consoles us with its neat and memorable endings, and ties up its threads in a way that life rarely does. Lilac was preceded by the release of its lead single “Celebrity” and an accompanying music video on January 27, 2021. The single topped several South Korean music sites and debuted at number one on the Gaon Digital Chart. The single also entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart in the United States at number three. The release and title of Lilac was announced on March 4, 2021; a comeback timetable was shared on March 8. Previously, IU shared visual and audio snippets titled “Bylac” and “Hilac” on February 25 and March 1, respectively.

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This later turned out to all be in Lincoln’s mind, and in reality the kids were changing Lily’s diaper and taking the trash out. Her original design showed her with a black shirt, red skirt, and white boots, before her color scheme was transitioned to purple. In her final attire, she wears a purple sleeveless shirt with a white skull, torn crew neck, and triangular sleeves, a plaid skirt similar to Luan’s , a white belt, and high purple boots. She also wears three black bracelets on each of her wrists and a choker around her neck. She has short brown hair styled into a pixie cut, freckles on her cheeks, and wears light purple eyeshadow.

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The earpieces she wears have an angular “reverse C”-shaped frame with a blue drop-shaped gem placed onto it. On promotional art, the vest and shorts are often depicted as a full-piece cloth. During late 2011, Ziyo was approached by Strife, who requested and was permitted the use of Ziyo’s characters for the Sonic fangame she was developing. During development, Strife decided to convert it from a fan game to a commercial property. This meant that Lilac could not remain a hedgehog due to her similarities to Sonic.

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It was once planned for Lilac’s father, who was alive, to show up during the game. He was going to be a Water Dragon who looked similar to Lilac in design, though his existence was eventually scrapped. At first, Lilac was a bit weirded out by Milla’s mannerisms, like when she asked if she could touch her hair, but she quickly accepted the young hound as a friend. Lilac eventually becomes a big-sister figure to her, also acting as a protector, like when she told her to stay with Carol while she went off to rescue Torque alone. What’s more, when Lord Brevon brainwashed and mutated Milla, Lilac went berserk. GuardingA dodge that provides Lilac with brief invulnerability against enemy attacks.

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When she was in middle school, she wasn’t able to handle getting gross meals from the cafeteria for a week so she spent the lunch period eating in the band room. She caused one in “A Tattler’s Tale”, while the other two are Lincoln in “Left in the Dark”, and Leni in “Overnight Success”. Sometime around Season 3, Luna was given freckles on the other side of her cheek, which had mostly been absent in the previous seasons unless her head was facing directly towards the camera. In “Get the Message”, Luna censors Lincoln and Lori’s swearing with her rocking solos.This gag would later return in “Job Insecurity”, with Lola’s swearing over the phone (to fire Lynn Sr. from his job at the restaurant) censored by Leni’s hair dryer.

IU first performed the song, along with “Epilogue”, on Music Bank, marking her first performance on a music show since “Palette”. “Hi Spring Bye” mixes strings and electric guitar, recalling the American pop ballads of the Eighties, and tells of the farewell to spring. “Celebrity” was born for a friend labelled eccentric for her personality and clothes, and then expanded to a message for all those who have felt a sense of alienation for not having met expectations.

A key element of Lilac’s 2nd redesign would be the removal of her two-toned forehead, which is a prominent feature in Sonic character designs, as Strife believed that it was “holding her design back from being considered original”. Inspired by the Virgin in a White Dress trope, where white represents emotional maturity, Strife incorporated the color into Lilac’s design, citing Mega Man X as an example of this. “Lilac” is a pop song with a thumping drumline and driving rhythm guitar.

The album was certified platinum by the Korean Music Content Association. As her name suggests, she is a god, and she sits on a pink cloud. Like Luna, the Rock God likes to play the electric guitar, but unlike Luna, she likes to play the strange hybrid instrument that Luan thought up.