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The ship’s engine has seized in the storm but she refuses to abandon the ship as she can still help. While Superman tries to stop the storm and save the ships, Lana tries to fix the ship’s engine. Superman realises he can’t stop the storm but he can help stop Lana’s tanker from being rammed by an abandoned cargo ship. Lana is struggling to get the engine going, finally admitting she is afraid that she will die in the water.

The beginning of season five saw, for the first time, Clark and Lana in a happy relationship together, one that was void of dishonesty and secrets. The return of Clark’s powers in “Hidden”, as well as the secrets and lies that accompany them, caused stress on their relationship. In the series’ 100th episode, Clark finally took a chance and told Lana the truth. When it resulted, indirectly, in her death and he was allowed to live the day over again Clark chose not to tell her his secret.

Clark succeeded to protect Lana from the bullets deflecting them with his body. While attending their senior prom, Lana and Clark almost shared a kiss, but was interrupted by news of Martha and Jonathan Kent’s accident. She was seen in the cemetery with Clark and sometime later, she gave him words of encouragement and reassurance when he began to doubt his decision to leave Smallville. Lana felt that Clark had too much to offer to simply stay in Smallville.

Some characters in the Cyberia club have also mentioned that she dresses like ‘an innocent schoolgirl’. They return to Smallville, and Clark tells his parents he proposed to Lana. Lana goes to the Talon apartment where she arrives just in time to stop Lois from falling off of a chair. After Lex lost the senatorial race to Jonathan, Lex drunkenly asked Lana what she knew about Clark. She says that “Clark isn’t hiding anything.” He chased Lana in his car, and Lana was killed in a car crash.

While she was running the Isis Foundation Lana started wearing reading glasses and dressed like a sophisticated businesswoman. An adult Lana continued to dress much more gracefully and elegantly than ever before, while still wearing jeans and sleek tops on occasion. Her hair also included bangs, which were side-swept or long to the side.

The relationship with Lex eventually leads to marriage in the season six episode “Promise”, but not before Lana discovers Clark’s secret and realizes why he has been lying to her all these years. When she learns that Lex set up a fake pregnancy in order to get her to marry him in the season six finale “Phantom”, Lana effectively ends the marriage and fakes her own death to escape Lex after he threatens her. She also frames Lex for her murder, to punish him for his betrayal. It is revealed at the start of season seven that her effort fails, but as part of the “settlement” of their divorce, Lex makes sure that Lana does not go to jail for her actions. In the pilot episode, when her parents are killed in the first meteor shower, Lana is adopted by her aunt Nell (Sarah-Jane Redmond).

It began with her mother’s graduation speech, which showed that her mother was not as happy as her aunt had led her to believe. Lana’s perception of her mother drove the way she led her own life, which was based on the idea of everyone perceiving her in a good light. In season two, Lana discovers that her mother had had an affair with a man named Henry Small, and that he was her biological father. This continued the idea established in season one that Lana’s perception that her parents were this perfect couple was wrong. According to Kreuk, meeting her biological father allowed the character to realize that she had to create her own life, as the one she had envisioned did not actually exist.

Lana is one of the few people who are aware that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same. Reviewer Jennifer Malkowski feels that Lana is one of the most gullible characters on television. After the series ended, Gough and Millar expressed regret with Lana’s characterization throughout the course of the show, which they felt damaged Lana in the audiences’ mind. Gough and Millar believed that Lana’s behavior toward Clark made her come across as cold and unsympathetic. By the end of season two, Lana and Clark slowly try and start a romantic relationship, but fear backlash from Chloe because of her personal feelings for Clark. Just as the two give in to their feelings fully, Clark unexpectedly runs away from Smallville in the season two finale.
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Fortunately, Superman arrives on the scene, having traced the tectonic disturbances he felt in Metropolis and battles the creature. He also figures out that Lana is on the scene, when he smells gardenias. When the monster blindsides him, shaking him like a ragdoll in front of Lana, he’s vaguely embarrassed. Superman thinks about how he still feels the need to impress Lana even though he’s dating Wonder Woman. Superman then is ready to throw a truck at the monster but Lana shouts to him that it’s her truck. Superman knowing that it’s too late to salvage it, he throws the truck anyway, making Lana curse.

Lex loved Lana and was afraid to lose her, so he set up a fake pregnancy in order to get her to marry him. The two later divorced after Lana found out about the fake pregnancy. Chisa went to the same school as Lain and both were in the same grade. After her suicide, Chisa sent mail to her entire school including Lain. Lain responded to the mail and started to chat with Chisa about the Wired.

At the start of season three, it is shown that Lana, alongside the Kents, has been spending her time searching for Clark; she ultimately finds him in Metropolis thanks to Chloe’s help. By the season three episode “Crisis”, it is discovered that the relationship Adam attempted to form with Lana was just a ploy so that Adam could investigate Clark. Lain appears to be a 14-year-old girl and stands at a shorter height than most of the characters in the show. Her hair is short, left slightly above the shoulders and a long lock of hair on the left side of her face.

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She believes that with everything that had happened throughout the season between the two characters, it seemed a bit of a stretch for Lana to just quickly fall into Clark’s arms. The next season began to develop more of the relationship between Lex and Lana. Kreuk believes that Lana cares for Lex as a friend, and that she recognizes the “undertones” that Lex may be placing on their relationship, but that Lana tends to ignore them.

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By season two, with Whitney’s departure, Lana and Clark begin to grow closer. Clark’s dishonesty over the secrets he is hiding causes their relationship to end. Lana then grows closer to Lex Luthor, whom she marries and divorces in the sixth season. Eventually Lana learns the truth about Clark and they get back together. Clark and Lana have attempted to have a relationship several times, but for a long time he was unwilling to tell her the secret of his true origins to protect her from his enemies.

At the end, Superman and the leader of the monsters, Ukur, decide to stop fighting and try to solve their problem by talking. It is revealed that the dreaded monsters, that attacked Lana earlier, are little wide-eyed looking creatures. Later they meet a group, which Ukur was working for and thought them dead, having sealed them accidentally, which arrives on wild-looking floating creatures. Their culture is a matriarchy, so their leader, Queen Kokya, assumes Lana is in charge, bypassing Superman and referring to him as Lana’s slave. Ukur also comments that Lana and Superman smell like a mated pair. The Queen then invites Lana and her “slave” into their kingdom to refresh themselves and discuss matters.

Fortunately Orion and Wonder Woman succeed to remove Hammond from Superman’s mind but unknown to them, a decaying Lana from the dream world apparently still exists somewhere in the deep recesses of Superman’s mind. Ironically, Lana was the one who left Clark behind in Smallville to make her own mark on the world. However, before she left she reassured him that she would always love him. Lana is the only leading female character from the start of the show not to appear in the two hour series finale. The final words of Lana in the series are “I love you” in Season Eight.

When Winslow Schott puts a kryptonite bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet under Lex’s orders, Lana is forced to absorb all of the kryptonite to deactivate the bomb. As a result, she leaves Smallville to go on her own quest as Clark can no longer get near her without the kryptonite radiation hurting him. With Clark’s secret no longer an issue, the two begin a real relationship in the season seven episode “Fierce”.

She along with Clark and Pete Ross were jokingly calling themselves the Three Musketeers. Clark first reveals his powers to Lana after saving her from slipping off a hay silo. A farmer, who happened to be watching young Clark and Lana flips out when he saw both floating so he started firing at them with his shotgun.

Kreuk sees this filled void as the reason why Lana would gravitate toward Lex. Although she did not truly love Lex, Kreuk argues that Lex was not a rebound guy and that Lana did have feelings for him.” Season two also showed Lana’s transition from the “girl next door” to a more “self-reliant young woman”.

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Although Lana wore a meteor rock necklace for several years, she did not experience any health problems related to meteor rock. Lana admitted to Clark that she pulled away from him all those time because she knew he’d always rush to be the hero and that one day he would be killed or seriously hurt, and that she always knew he was the “one”. Lana is the only main female character to not appear in Season Nine and Season Ten, but she was mentioned in Lazarus, Homecoming, Icarus, and Prophecy. Corben throws the helicopter blade against the two women but Lois manages to push Lana aside so nobody gets hurt.

Suddenly, he realizes that the monster is not roaring but actually it is trying to communicate. Then some missiles appear fired against the monster and Superman decides to destroy the drone planes that fired them. Lana reacts accordingly to the realization that Superman is helping the monster but she trusts him.

She often states that she feels isolated and out of place and dreams about leaving Smallville forever for something more. Despite this, Lana developed a reputation for being a sweet girl – pleasant, caring, as well as eager to help others by volunteering at Smallville Retirement Center, and running the school blooddrive. She found herself without any family before she graduated from high school. With no one to rely on but herself, Lana is also quite driven to pursue her goals.

At the end between Superman’s strength and Lana getting the engines working, the ship is able to escape upright and mostly intact. Lana then wonders how were they able to be pulled to safety and says that it doesn’t make sense but the ship’s captain tells her to stop asking everything to make sense and if she hadn’t kept going they would all be dead. Lana later attended Metropolis University and pursued a degree in Business and became a successful businesswoman. However, Lana later married Pete Ross, and the two settled into a quiet life in Smallville with their son, Clark Peter Ross. When Luthor was forced from office, Pete became President and Lana became the First Lady of the United States.

An enraged Lana proceeds to rush Corben and hits him with a flying kick. A few weeks after, Lois accepts an assignment to Africa to investigate mysterious reports surrounding a vigilante, known as “Angel of the Plateau”. The caravan is suddenly caught under fire by the local terrorist cell loyal to the warlord of the regime who fire RPG weaponry at the UN transport. Lois assumes it is Clark and proceeds to thank him until she make a shocking discovery that her rescuer is Lana Lang. Her aunt, Nell Potter, adopted her and gave her a necklace made out of a piece of the meteor that killed her parents in their memory. She believed that something that had caused so much bad luck could only have good luck left.

Some clues in the series may lead viewers to think that she was her own entity created by the Knights to cut from the original Lain anything that could make her want to stay in the real world. The 1990s is remembered as a decade of peace, prosperity and the rise of the Internet. In 90s DVDs were invented, Sony PlayStation was released, Google was founded, and boy bands ruled the music charts. Geminis love having crushes and infatuations, but are known for being fickle and uncomfortable when love gets too complicated. The most compatible signs with Gemini are generally considered to be Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. The least compatible signs with Gemini are generally considered to be Virgo and Pisces.

Over the course of the show, Lana transitions from the girl next door to a more “self-reliant young woman”. Kreuk has been nominated for various awards for her portrayal of Lana Lang. Kryptonite absorption/emission Lana Lang is a fictional character on the television series Smallville. She has been a series regular since the pilot episode, and has been played continuously by Kristin Kreuk, with two other actresses having portrayed Lana Lang as a child and as an elderly woman. The character of Lana Lang, first created for comic books by Bill Finger and John Sikela in the 1950s as a romantic interest for Superboy, was adapted to television in 2001 by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The character has also appeared in various literature based on the Smallville television series, none of which directly continues from or into the television episodes.

Kreuk recognizes that Lex is a big part of Lana’s life, and that Lana tries to pay more attention to the good that Lex does and focus less on the darker aspects of his life. At the start of the show, Lana Lang is characterized as the girl next door. As Kreuk describes her, she is the “beautiful, popular girl who is really lonely”. She has a “hole in her heart”, because of the loss of her parents, and feels empathy for everyone. Kristin feels that deep down the character is a “tough girl”, and that Lex manages to bring that side of her out more.

Her stage name originates from her English name “Julia” given to her by her aunt. After receiving an e-mail from Chisa Yomoda who had committed suicide, Lain discovers the virtual world of The Wired. Lain Iwakura (岩倉 玲音 Iwakura Rein) is the main protagonist and titular character of Serial Experiments Lain. Britannica is the ultimate student resource for key school subjects like history, government, literature, and more.

When Clark visited a parallel universe in which he never arrived on Earth, he found out that Lana lived in Paris in 2008 and was happily married to a man named Pierre Rousseau with whom she had two children. He also learned that Chloe and Lana were never friends in high school as they used to hang out in different groups. During Jimmy’s 1940s inspired dream sequence, Lana Luthor, married to Lex, the most powerful man in Metropolis, believes her husband is trying to have her killed. It is later revealed that she is having an affair with Detective Clark Kent. She admits that she orchestrated the whole set-up, then shoots Jimmy.