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Once the group return to Buenos Aires, Leon becomes protective of Violetta and it seems that they both want to get back together. However, Violetta sees him hug Lara and thinks that they are back together. Leon, who was giving a farewell hug, is confused by Violetta’s change in attitude with him, especially when she kicks him and Diego out of her house.

They win the competition and travel to Spain for a show with Diego and Fran. Leon discovers that his suspicions were true and that Diego and Ludmila have a plan to hurt Violetta. He records Diego’s conversation with Ludmila on his phone which Violetta finds and watches. Upset by this betrayal, she cannot sing on stage but luckily Leon rescues her and they sing a beautiful duet.

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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Castillo is married to Lilia Paredes, a teacher, and they have two children together. His family lives in a nine-room home in the Chugur District tending a farm with cows, pigs, corn, and sweet potatoes. Castillo often wears a straw hat called a chotano, a poncho, and sandals constructed from old tires. In 2017, Castillo’s participation in the teacher’s strike was criticized by Minister of the Interior Carlos Basombrío Iglesias, who said Castillo was involved with MOVADEF, a group consisting of former members of Shining Path. Castillo said he was not involved with MOVADEF or the militant teachers’ union faction CONARE and that those factions should not be involved in teaching.

Despite having feelings for Roxy, Leon knows that he still loves Violetta and supports her at her father’s wedding where he tells her that his feelings are similar to when she was confused between him and Tomas. Believing that Violetta is trying to sabotage his relationship with Roxy, he chooses to be with Roxy. Violetta is upset by this and decides that she must stop pretending to be Roxy. Leon is persistent for Roxy and invites her on a final date, but when Leon kisses Roxy, he realises that it is really Violetta. Leon is angry at Violetta however, after talking to Andres, he realises that he still loves her and wants her back in his life.

  • In season three, Violetta and Leon are deeply in love whilst they are on tour with YouMix.
  • Rural teaching in Peru is poorly paid but highly respected and influential within local communities, which led Castillo to become involved with teachers’ unions.
  • OjoPúblico compared the veteran groups to the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys of the United States, noting a possible threat of an event similar to the 2021 United States Capitol attack occurring in Peru.
  • On tour, Leon is jealous when he hears that Alex gave Violetta songs to listen to.
  • Castillo has also called for stricter regulations on the media in Peru as well.

Leon meets Violetta’s family at dinner and even helps her to hide the fact that she studies at the Studio, even though Jade eventually finds out. Leon recognises that Violetta feels confused and asks her to choose between him and Tomas, and she chooses Leon as the one she loves. Despite this, Tomas’s actions continue to confuse Violetta as she believes he is being dishonest about his relationship with Ludmila. However, they soon get back together as Violetta asks for his forgiveness. This happiness is short-lived as the YouMix reality show uploads a video that shows Violetta and Tomas close to each other.

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In season three, Violetta and Leon are deeply in love whilst they are on tour with YouMix. Violetta gets suspicious of Leon’s secret phone calls and meetings and follows him, with Fran, to find out that he has organised a hot air balloon date as her birthday surprise. The couple spend time together and realise that they truly love each other very much.

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In episodes 39 and 40, Violetta has to make a decision on whether to attend the program that the studio is hosting or her father’s wedding to Jade. Born to a peasant family in Puña, Cajamarca, Castillo began working in Peru’s informal economy as a teenager to earn funds for his studies in education and later returned to his hometown to become a primary school teacher. He attained political prominence as a leading figure in a school teachers’ strike in 2017 and ran in the 2021 presidential election as the candidate of the Marxist Free Peru party. Castillo announced his presidential candidacy after seeing his students undergo hardships from the lack of resources in rural Peru, with the election occurring amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and a period of democratic deterioration in the nation. With the support of individuals living in rural and outlying provinces, he placed first in the initial round of the presidential vote and advanced to the second round where he won against his opponent Keiko Fujimori. Castillo’s victory was confirmed on 19 July 2021, and he was inaugurated on 28 July.

Violetta wakes up and believes Ludmila pushed her as she was the last person she spoke to before she was pushed. However, due to her newfound friendship with Ludmila, she begins to doubt her suspicions and believes Ludmila when she says that she didn’t hurt her. With the help of her friends, she discovers security tapes that show Priscila pushing her down the stairs. Violetta continues to stay away from Leon and tries to be just friends with him even though she really loves him. While she is singing Carry My Heart, Leon comes in and sings with her and they kiss.

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In the end, she chooses herself and decides not to be in a relationship with either Leon nor Tomas. After discovering the truth, Leon is upset and refuses to see Violetta again. Violetta uploads a singing video to YouMix as a means to apologise to Leon but he is unable to forgive her. Leon becomes angry, believing that Violetta is trying to sabotage his dreams.