Lacey Wildd

Wilde started her career at WAIL in Key West, Florida as “Anne with a Plan”. After moving to Miami, Florida rock station WSHE Anne was suggested to pick a new name by the program director. From that point forward in her career she was known as Liz Wilde. After much success at WSHE as the evening air personality, Liz moved her show to the Northeast , taking over the night shift of rock station WAAF-FM in the Boston, Massachusetts radio market.

Lacey Wildd

She would give up the adult film industry to become a dolphin trainer. Ricky Wilde is a British songwriter, musician, and record producer. He is the younger brother of singer Kim Wilde (the two are “Irish twins”, having been born slightly less than one year apart); their father is singer-actor Marty Wilde. ABC News reported that Wildd was married by age 16 and divorced with two children by age 21.


The children’s magazine Look-in featured Wilde and Donny Osmond on the cover in June 1973 with the headline “Is Ricky Wilde the new Donny?”. Subsequent singles were “Do It Again, a Little Bit Slower”, “I Wanna Go to a Disco” and “Teen Wave”. However, the singles were not successful in the UK, although he was featured in youth magazines at the time and appeared with his father alongside eleven years old pop rival Darren Burn in BBC Television’s Man Alive documentary film Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, made in July 1973.

After her divorce, she worked as a waitress, where she changed her hair color from brown to blonde and got her first breast augmentation surgery. As of mid 2014, Wildd is preparing for a surgery to move to a QQQ cup. To avoid harassment, she has not released the name of the doctor that will be performing the surgery. She has reported that she will be traveling to Brazil, a country well known for medical tourism, to complete the surgery. KYNG 105.3FM The Talk…That Rocks, later rebranded KLLI Live 105.3 serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas radio market.

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Other influences have included Ultravox, John Foxx, Gary Numan, Skids, Sex Pistols, the Clash, Kraftwerk and the Stranglers. Wildd has had 36 plastic surgery operations, stating, “I want to be the adult Barbie, like the extreme Barbie.” She has had her buttocks enlarged, eyes made wider, nose made thinner and a myriad of other procedures. At the pinnacle of the Liz Wilde Show’s popularity, the show was nationally syndicated on over 34 radio stations in 2001 by radio company Fisher Entertainment. The company dropped the show after selling its Portland, Oregon stations KOTK and KWJJ to Entercom Communications, and merging the Fisher Entertainment division and other Fisher subsidiaries into the main company Fisher Communications.

Recordings of new material in 1980 led to the ‘discovery’ of his sister Kim. Wilde’s new role was that of producer and co-writer, a role he has fulfilled up until now. By his own admission, he was happy to be more in the background as of that moment. After Kim Wilde paused her career in pop music, Ricky Wilde continued to work in the music industry. In 2005 he was one of the initiators of the band, Sonic Hub, and of the record label Sonic Hub Records.

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In 2016, Wildd became a professional psychic, using the name Ghostbusty. In 2014, Wildd’s story of her breast augmentations was featured on the E! To sleep, Wildd has to lie at a thirty degree angle, or she feels like she “is being suffocated.” At their current size, her breasts weigh 42 lbs together. To support her breast augmentations, Wildd had to have pig skin sewed inside her abdomen. She stated that “it feels like guitar strings.” She has also had to have an internal bra surgery to support her breasts and make sure that her skin could support them. Wilde has named Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark as “heroes” and a key source of inspiration.

Liz Wilde is an American radio personality best known for her shock jock radio program Liz Wilde. At the age of eleven, Wilde was signed by record producer Jonathan King to King’s UK Records label, and released his first single in November 1972, called “I Am an Astronaut”. King became his mentor and had great faith in Wilde and groomed him for stardom as the teenybopper star of 1973.

After having great success in the evening slot for 18 months, The Liz Wilde Show was moved to afternoon drive-time setting record ratings for WAAF and making them competitive with rival rock station WBCN in that daypart for the first time. With her ratings success in Boston, Wilde moved to WLUP in Chicago, Illinois in March 1995. Her show aired in the morning drive-time slot from 6am-10am on WPLL in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She moved on to rock-and-roll pioneering station WMMS 100.7 FM in Cleveland, Ohio. Her show also aired on KLLI in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas market, and most recently on WRXK in Ft.