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Laga’aia found it hard to adjust to Elijah’s decision to marry Grace, he added “I just had to get my head around everything and run with it.” The time was right to go out and start a property management business and the aim was to have a job for me. I wanted to make a real difference to landlords and tenants. On the show, they’re an adorable couple renting out their chic Portsea family property. “We started our Instant Hotel to future-proof our life,” he said to 7plus.

I want to help capture and preserve those every day feels. Connect with the University of Nottingham through social media and our blogs. Leah Jay has never lost sight of their original commitment to work for each owner of a tenanted property, so they can realise their individual goals. This dedication has been reflected as they are the most awarded property managers in New South Wales.

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According to some commentaries, Bilhah and Zilpah are actually half-sisters of Leah and Rachel. Leah gives birth to two more sons after this, Issachar and Zebulun, and to Jacob’s only daughter, Dinah. Leah set the record straight when she shared a gif of a basketball player shaking his head set to the tune of Mood 4 Eva byBeyoncé, Donald Glover, andJAY-Zon herInstagram Story.

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Elijah’s storyline with his new family reaches a conclusion when Thabo dies and Grace is deported. Laga’aia told Inside Soap that “Elijah only married Grace so that they could bring Thabo to Australia for medical treatment.” Elijah would end the marriage if he thought he could be with Leah. Elijah and Grace are “absolutely devastated” and through their pain they sleep together. Laga’aia said it made “matters more complicated for Elijah” and he begins to question his life. He does not know how he feels about “Grace, Leah and his faith” because he asked God to save Thabo’s life and he “feels that he was let down”.

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While TV Week summed up the life of Elijah as “one bad thing after the other”. Leah Jay is the leading property management company in the Hunter Region, with offices in Newcastle, Belmont and East Maitland. Our focus is 100% on property management; we have never sold real estate. Since we began in 1994, we’ve never lost sight of our original commitment to work for each and every owner of a tenanted property. So way back when it started, I think the timing was right to be able to take that challenge and that opportunity to be able to step out and create a property management department.

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In November 2009, it was announced that Jay Laga’aia had been cast into the serial to play a new local reverend, Elijah Johnson. Laga’aia had already begun filming and was set to appear on-screen in early 2010. He was also described as a potential love interest for established character Leah Patterson-Baker . Laga’aia was not required to audition for the role as producers wrote Elijah with him in mind. In the initial development process the writers said “He’s a bit of this and a bit of that; he’s a bit like Jay Laga’aia”. On a homiletical level, the classic Chassidic texts explain the sisters’ rivalry as more than marital jealousy.

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Elijah is offered a job at another parish and accepts it. Colleen organises a farewell party on the beach and Leah makes sure they part as friends. Elijah tries to help out Billy McVeigh who arrives for shelter at the Bayside Mission. Elijah realises Billy was abused when he was younger and tries to help.