Murder Of Bob Chappell

During the course of the trial, it was established that Meaghan Vass had been 15 years old on 26 January 2009. Having discovered the matching profiles, police first spoke to her with a view to interviewing her, to see if she had any connection with the death of the deceased. In cross-examination her explanation was that she felt intimidated and that she had “just never dealt with something this large before”. Am the next day, a different witness found the dinghy bobbing against rocks. As they passed Four Winds, they noticed that it was very low in the water on its mooring. Shortly after, members of Tasmania Police arrived as a result of a call.

Who is Lara Fraser It was also alleged that

That was the first occasion upon which the appellant had admitted to returning to Marieville Esplanade that night. Hughes said that there was only one person in it who had the outline of a female, but he could not be definite. Typically, students admitted to our graduate programs have a Psychology Honours degree or a Psychology Major with strong research experience, as well as excellent performance in psychology methodology and statistics courses. Our graduate programs are oriented toward a PhD degree. Those seeking only a master’s degree are discouraged from applying.

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She went up just about every aisle and left by the same entrance. The appellant pointed out a number of anomalies on the yacht. She said that a green rope on the starboard side was in disarray and out of place.

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  • It was also alleged that Neill-Fraser herself had attempted to cause Vass to sack her then solicitor, Fabiano Cangelosi, because Cangelosi was expected to ask Vass whether the statutory declaration was the product of coercion.
  • In respect of the appeal against sentence, the Court upheld the appeal on the basis that the sentence was manifestly excessive, and substituted a sentence of 23 years’ imprisonment from 20 August 2009, with a non-parole period of 13 years.

Her evidence concluded with testimony that she had never been to the industrial premises called Cleanlift Marine at Negara Crescent at Goodwood, and most definitely was not there in late January or early February 2009. She said she did not remember whether it was daylight or dark. After the telephone call from King, the content of which had unnerved her, she decided to collect the car and drive it home so that it would be available to her to drive to the yacht if the deceased called her. She decided not to telephone him because having regard to the lateness of the hour, he might be asleep. So she walked to the car at or near Marieville Esplanade. However, on arriving there she found she had farm keys and not the car keys and had to walk back to Allison Street to collect them and return once again to the car.

Police Board Four Winds And Search For Chappell

When the Court came to receive sworn evidence from Meaghan Vass on the appeal, she denied ever having been on Four Winds on Australia Day or at any other time, and could provide no explanation as to how DNA matching hers was found on the yacht. Following an amendment to the Criminal Code Act 1924, Neill-Fraser was allowed to seek leave for a second appeal on the basis of “fresh and compelling evidence”. Other technical grounds of appeal against conviction relating to the directions given by Justice Blow to the jury were also dismissed.

She pointed out that a winch handle was in the winch on the main mast and said that it should not have been there. She said that a rope around the winch had been cut and also another rope in a pile on the deck. In the main saloon area she pointed out that a fire extinguisher was missing from a bracket. She also pointed out that an EPIRB was missing from a bracket mounted on the back of the wheelhouse. Divers searched an area around Four Winds and to the south of it. Because of poor visibility, it was impossible for the divers to find objects on the bottom.

Forensic Testing Of Four Winds And Dinghy

On 23 March 2009, Sanchez had another telephone conversation with Neill Fraser in which the appellant said that although she had driven down to Marieville Esplanade that night, she left the car there and walked back home to West Hobart for the exercise. It was the first time she said she had left the car at Marieville Esplanade. Later in that interview she maintained that she did not leave her home on the night of 26 January after receiving the telephone call from Richard King. The swab was taken because at that point a luminol test was positive, although it ultimately proved negative for blood. DNA analysis of the swab revealed a full DNA profile of a then-unknown female.

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It did not match the DNA of any individual on the Tasmanian DNA database. Statistically there was a less than one in one hundred million chance that the DNA profile of more than one person, unrelated to each other, would have matched it. There was no evidence establishing how that DNA profile came to be in a substance on the deck of the yacht on 30 January 2009.

Students with Bachelor degrees must submit their applications to the MA program. Please note that our graduate programs are not offered online. On 30 November 2021, the Court handed down its decision, with Justices Helen Wood and Robert Pearce dismissing the appeal by majority. Justice Stephen Estcourt dissented, finding that there had occurred a substantial miscarriage of justice. During the hearing of the appeal it was alleged by the State of Tasmania that a former detective, Colin McLaren, had fabricated the statutory declaration and had come up with a plan to pay Vass $10,000 for adopting the declaration. It was also alleged that Neill-Fraser herself had attempted to cause Vass to sack her then solicitor, Fabiano Cangelosi, because Cangelosi was expected to ask Vass whether the statutory declaration was the product of coercion.