You can also browse other available content for Laiken Olive on IMDb such as filmography, trivia, personal details, etc. The 29-year-old Australian instagram star has done well thus far. Majority of Laiken’s money comes from being a instagram star.
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They practice speaking Korean with a private teacher every week. Between 2018 and 2020, they dated the French pornographic actress Angelique Morgan. London has spoken of their poor relationships with family and friends, and society’s negative views towards them because of their racial identity. This eventually meant that they had difficulty finding a romantic relationship, and caused them to become reclusive. As of April 2022, London has spent approximately £230,000 for more than twenty plastic surgeries and, quarterly, a skin whitening injection. Like many famous people and celebrities, Laiken keeps her personal life private.

My Name Is Laiken, Rhymes With Bacon

While the arm can’t recreate Venom Snake’s abilities, it can create realistic hand movements. According to a press release, the custom-built prosthetic uses myoelectric sensors which detect muscle contractions. Those contractions are then converted into movements by the hand. London is an atheist but has also said they worship a cardboard cut-out of Jimin and pray to the singer.

  • London describes themself as someone with “an obsessive and impulsive personality”.
  • London is objectophilic; they were married to the cardboard cut-out in January 2020 in Las Vegas, United States, but later divorced in early 2022 due to “irreconcilable differences”.
  • She was named “Instafoodie of the Week” by Top Food Facts in May 2015.
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  • She is an amazing friend, but stubborn at times.

Though Laiken is the first in the US to receive an arm of this kind, it is now available for amputees across the country. The artist has expressed their belief that there is still a long way to go when it comes to breaking barriers faced by those with limb differences, starting with better access to prosthetics. When they were growing up, Laiken Olive, a 21-year-old who uses the pronouns they/them, would wear a prosthetic arm to ‘hide difference’ from others. The 29-year-old instagram star was born in Australia.

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