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During Mori Calliope’s second live stream, Kiara expressed that she has a crush on Calli, much to Calli’s dismay. This has to do with the fact that Kiara is immortal (unless she’s eaten), so no matter how many times Calli would kill her, she’d always revive. This resulted in a ship later coined by Kiara as “TakaMori.”Kiara frequently referred to Calli as her wife and often showed obsessive interest.

Lords starred in the drama comedy Au Pair, Kansas which premiered in April 2011 at the Kansas City FilmFest. In July, Lords officially signed to independent record label Sea To Sun Recordings and in October made her musical comeback with the song “Last Drag”. The single was successful in dance charts debuting at number forty-five and eventually peaking at number four on the Billboard Dance Club Songs.

This gave Kiara an idea, and she began sniffing for Nala’s scent in the underbrush. She picked up her trail on a path through the trees, and she and Kion began to follow it through the woods. ―Kiara to Kion”Kiara used her tracking skills to hunt down her brother, Kion, who was in hiding from her. She managed to find him crouched behind a boulder and tackled him to the ground, after which she boasted about her impressive tracking skills. Kion simply retorted that she had been lucky and playfully pounced on her, which caused the two to wrestle one another.

Although, we are doing our detailed investigation and we will update you as we get any credible information about her parents and siblings. Wikistarbio is one of the most trusted and most popular biography publisher website in the world. The site is designed to uncover the true stories of famous and well-known people and provide readers with information about them. By the time Ritsuka Fujimaru came to SE.RA.PH., whatever was left of the original Kiara had been entirely replaced by her CCC counterpart. She’s twenty-five years old at the time of the sinking of Seraphix.

Kirara was a self-centered individual who would always blame everyone else but herself. She tried to convince herself that the people of the new world and their affairs meant nothing to her, as she simply wished to return home. Because of this mindset, the executions that she committed with her power did not affect her conscience.

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Qi’ra hailed from the planet Corellia during the reign of the Galactic Empire, before the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War. By the time Qi’ra was eighteen years old, she was enmeshed in a criminal life working for the White Worms gang on Corellia. She was chosen by Lady Proxima to be the Head Girl after Han revealed to her that Qi’ra had turned down an opportunity to travel the galaxy, but to work for her instead. Qi’ra attempted to flee Corellia with Han, by this point her lover, who had stolen a vial of coaxium during a delivery for Proxima that had gone badly.

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With complaints like, “Why are you outdoing us in our field, and for free at that!?”, they made her out to be a villain, so she lost her place of belonging. She was later invited to the Seraphix oil rig owned by Chaldea Security Organization in 2014. Had it not been for the intervention of Zepar, she would have eventually become a respected part of a small community, living a modest but happy life.

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From his prone position, Simba ordered Kiara and Nala to go on ahead of him, for it was tradition that the royal family be in attendance at the elephant concert, and the two reluctantly left without him. As Kion stormed away from his sister, he encountered the spirit of his grandfather, Mufasa, who encouraged him to support Kiara. He gently reminded the cub that Kiara needed his help, especially when she was wrong, and Kion realized that he should not have abandoned his sister. After thanking his grandfather, Kion raced off to rejoin Kiara, but when he returned to Pride Rock, Tiifu and Zuri explained that Kiara had already gone off to meet with Janja. Kiara started an argument with Kion when he took the tree that she had found, but Simba soon approached and told Kion to back away, for Kiara was going to serve as queen for the day.

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Kiara Mia Biography, Age, Height, Family, Wiki & More

The love for her on social has grown so much that her fans are always ready to find out what their favorite celebrity. She, therefore, has been able to garner a lot of following on social media to improve connection with her followers. On Biography Vibe we give you an in depth of her details, like what she likes to do, Her age, height, relationship, nationality and more. EMI commissioned a collection of remixes entitled Just Until… The title of the stopgap release was abbreviated from its working title, “Just Until The Next Record”.

―Kiara, on Simba being trapped with Bunga”While en route to the first elephant concert of the season, Kiara and Kion challenged each other to a race. Before long, Kion left with Ono to help a group of sable antelope, and the rest of the royal family continued on their way. As they walked, Kiara asked if the elephants would perform a song with loud trumpeting, and Nala answered that the song was a tradition. Simba then commented that, as king, one of his greatest duties was to uphold the Pride Lands’ traditions, and Kiara commented that she would enjoy that duty herself someday. One day, she emerged atop Pride Rock, ready to embark on an adventure.