Where did Kate Quigley go to high school?

Quigley, a 2000 graduate of Jackson High School, discovered her love for standup while working on improv at the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

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What does Beth Leonard do?

Beth Leonard is an American philanthropist and former event manager at VH1. She is famously known for having been married to the famous country singer and songwriter, Darius Rucker. Darius Rucker married Beth Leonard in 2000, but after 20 years of marriage, the couple separated in July 2020.

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What role did Kate Quigley play in the office?

4. She Was In An Episode Of The Office. Kate hasn’t had any major acting roles, but she did make an appearance in what some would consider one of the funniest shows in recent history: The Office. Kate played the role of a casino waitress in an episode of the show in 2006.

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Who is Darius Ruckers ex wife?

Who is Darius Rucker’s ex-wife Beth Leonard? Rucker married Beth Leonard in 2000 after meeting when she was working at VH1. In July 2020, Rucker announced he and Leonard would be separating or “consciously uncoupling” after nearly 20 years together.

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When did Darius Rucker and Kate Quigley break up?

Kate’s representative told the publication that the couple have called it quits a while ago after dating for much of 2020. One of the comedian’s recent Instagram pictures with Darius, a singer and lead vocalist of Hootie & the Blowfish, is from May this year which Kate captioned: “These couples are the worst.”

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