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A nine-time BAFTA TV Award nominee, she won Best Comedy Writing for Hunderby in 2013 and the 2018 British Academy Television Award for Best Scripted Comedy for Sally4Ever. In addition to acting in her own works, she has appeared in a variety of other British television comedies, most notably portraying Dawn Sutcliffe in Gavin & Stacey (2007–2009, 2019). Her film roles include Love Actually , Cemetery Junction , Four Lions and the critically acclaimed Phantom Thread . Brie previously lived in Ocean City, Maryland, but is currently in Los Angeles. On the “No Jumper” podcast, she revealed that she quit her job at Target to pursue a career on social media.

Days before her death, Lua shared cryptic social media posts including one which read ‘no one alive can be an angel forever’. Her story is told in the brand new drama series Julia, which stars Happy Valley’s Sarah Lancashire in the title role (although she is almost unrecognisable in Child’s attire and distinctive vocal range). YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has moved on from his ex-girlfriend, Julia Rose. The former appeared in several pictures alongside model Sky Bri, who is rumored to be Paul’s new girlfriend. As pictures of the social media star and the model went viral on social media, Rose commented on the two publicly showcasing their relationship.

Which, given that the show is based in France and ventured to Italy and South America for season 3, isn’t exactly good news. They are happy with their wife and still have a good sex life but then the opportunity is presented “to have a bit of fun”. Researching the book, I heard from hundreds of men and women who have been the victims or perpetrators of affairs. I want to give women the courage to move on, if that’s what they want, but I also hope it will give couples the courage and information to stay together if they feel their marriage can be saved. JULIA KEYS devoted 36 years to her husband, TV sport host Richard – but then he had an affair with their daughter Jemma’s best friend Lucie Rose, and her life crumbled.


Sarah Lancashire takes on her first major US drama role in this hotly-anticipated series, playing television chef Julia Child, who fought her way onto the screen amid the sexist atmosphere of the 1960s. Television chefs are all over the schedules these days, but there was a time when the idea of a cooking show was quite revolutionary – and one woman helped drive the genre into the mainstream. A young, black, female producer, Alice Naman has to fight the Joan Holloway fight in order to gain respect for herself and Child in the workplace.

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Another cherished friend of Julia‘s was American chef James Beard , who had attempted to make a cooking show some years prior to her, but it fell flat with audiences and was cancelled within a year. This period of Julia’s life is not covered in Lancashire’s biographical series, but those curious to know more may wish to seek out the 2009 film Julie & Julia , where these important years are explored in greater detail. While Lancashire’s performance is guaranteed to be lauded as a faithful portrayal of the real woman, viewers may well be left wondering just how accurate the rest of the show is – and the truth is, it’s a mixed bag. The 25-year-old boxer has not responded to his ex-girlfriend’s comment online.

Child’s editor, Judith Jones , must argue for Child’s relevance, at the cost of lunch with John Updike and the respect of her colleagues in the literary world. But Child’s show does get made, as we know, and it is a huge success, as we also know. It has a skittish mood to it, lightly skipping between scenes, a dash of something here, a spoonful of something there, as if to force the narrative to dance. As home maker and erstwhile entertainment icon, there is also something to be said for Julia Child as a role model for gender equality.

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She then went on to join a women’s cooking club, called Le Cercle des Gourmettes, through which she met Simone Beck – who was in the process of writing a French Cookbook for Americans. Beck proposed that Julia assist in making the book appeal more to Americans. Julia then went on to attend the famous cooking school, Cordon Bleu, in Paris, this was where her passion for French food started. Her cooking show, which premiered in 1963, was the first hosted by a woman, and essentially is what pioneered the popular cooking show genre into what it is today. Here’s all you need to know about Julia, the person who inspired the TV series, and those in the cast with Sarah Lancashire of the Sky Atlantic programme…